Tuesday, November 22, 2011

... OPI - I Lily Love you ...

OPI - I Lily Love You
Gifted from Jen
I can't believe I hadn't got around to photographing this beauty yet. I've worn it a few times but always forgotten to capture it until after it's chipped - whoops.

This is 2 coats of I Lily Love You over OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight. I Lily Love You is a gorgeous super pale pink jelly polish that includes lots of glitter and mica flakies. And man ... there is a lot of colour appearing on those glitter/flakie pieces!! Red, Gold, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange - really it's just a fantastic collage of colour all coming together.

I found it easy to apply. Being a nearly clear polish it is extremely easy to layer these glitter and flakie pieces. It also dries quick and without streaks - bonus!!
** Final Verdict **
I'm such a flakies girl! I think they are beautiful and combined with the sparkle filled glitter it's sure to bring a smile to your face. It's an easy layering polish that is extremely pretty and brings something special to the party.


  1. LOVELY! it looks great over black!
    I can't believe it's still in my untried...

  2. That looks amazing. So beautiful over black. I'm a sucker for these multicoloured flakies too. After seeing this I'm going to have to get this!

  3. Super lovely combo!

  4. I deffinitely need this one now! I have wanted it for a while but have to buy it now!!!


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