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Ok everyone here it is!! Be warned this is a LONG post! Well worth it though as I've never showcased so many pretties at one!

Some of the recipes were long and complicated - hats off to you ladies [and gentleman!!]! While I like frankening I draw the limit at a certain number as I just don't want to have to duplicate so many steps if it works out fantastic!  Due to this I've only listed the ingredients involved not the actual recipes - if you fall in love and want to recreate yourself then drop me an email for the recipe in full.

I'm totally jealous of all of these as they look really beautiful. Now onto the entries! [How to vote on a winner is at the bottom of this post!!]

** Frankens are in Alphabetical order! **
Click on the photo for larger images

Alien Blast by Destany
"I love the show Roswell, and I wanted to create something awesome based on the show :) Alien Blast is the name of a menu item from the show's signature diner, Crash Down Cafe, and I thought the colors were appropriate. it's a "top coat" glitter, so it is swatched over blue."
Recipe - Glamour base, clear polish. Sally Girl glitters in blue, magenta and neon green


Awe-bergine by Ev
"Awe-bergine is definitely not your run-of-the-mill purple polish. A cool violet lit from within with orange sparkle, it's filled with sparkles and secrets! Blue and gold accents glitter, with green glowing at extreme angles. Squint and spot the scattered strands of secret sparkle!"
Recipe - Nubar Violet Sparkle, Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple, Ulta3 Orchid, Maybelline Colorama Gives Me the Chills, OPI Sparkle-icious, Burning Leaves Reflecks, Miranda Star Star Bites


Black Galaxy by Karine
I was trying to make a dupe of glitter gal black since I do not have it, so I look at some swatches online and got my scientist glasses and gloves!
Recipe - Wet N Wild clear, Wet N Wild black, Spectraflair 15


Dante's Inferno by Tara
"Here's my franken Dante's Inferno. I wanted something similar to the indie polish by Nerd Lacquer that references the black night in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but a little more warm toned. So here's my franken for your viewing pleasure!"
Recipe - Funky Fingers Voodoo, Love & Beauty Rust orange glitter, Wet n Wild Prancer, Sally Girl gold glitter mini.


DIAF by ReecesPeeces
"One of my most favourite and well used acronyms. DIAF is for all of those people I wish would FOD... IAF! :D" 
Recipe - different Verity glitters, Joe Fresh Twilight, Chunky Orange Kleancolor


Fern Fetish by Liz G
[Shown over Revlon Emerald City]
" This polish doesn't need much explanation. It's a fun, green glitter polish in time for St. Patrick's day festivities."
Recipe - suspension base, taurus orion mica, green and gold sparks, gold and yellow-green bars, microglitter, small and medium hexes and silver holo squares.


Fiber Optic by Cathy
" I had to try hard to stay away from Spectraflair, I always seem to only make spectrafrankens. But this time I used glitter, and lots of it."
Recipe - Adam & Eve glitter, Indu Rose Moondust, purple glitter, mauve micro glitter, purple micro glitter, lavender micro glitter, iridescent micro glitter, purple flakes, blue to purple colour shifting glitter, large silver hex glitter, Holo blue hex glitter (Bling Flake), Ferric ferrocyanide tint, red 7 tint, Suspension base


Georgica Pond by Katie Moore
"Georgica Pond NY is where Grey Gardens is located.  Windswept and washed out if you look deeper there are jewel of it's former self & brought back to the light it really shines. Georgica Pond is a gray jelly flaky with a linear holo.  The flaky lends a kind of opal flash to the watery gray."
Recipe - Finger Paints Asylum, Essies Shine of the Time, SH Diamond Strength - Flawless, China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, Coarse Spectraflair


Getting Better by Laura
"I named my franken Getting Better after the Beatles song, first of all because I love the Beatles and second of all because I think it's the best franken I've made so far, so obviously my frankening skills are getting better! I'm really happy it turned out so well and I'm excited to show it off. :) "
Recipe - Essie Turquoise and Caicos, Color Club New Bohemian, Sally Hansen Ice Queen, Icing Rockstar From Mars, Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe, China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara, Sally Hansen Twinkle Twinkle, Sally Hansen Celeb City


Iris You Well by Rebecca
" I wanted to do an Easter themed polish and even though it's Autumn here I always think of daffodils and irises at Easter time. So this is inspired by dew drops on purple irises." 
Recipe - Suspension Base, Ulta3 Confetti, Ulta3 Purple Passion, Satin #26, Coastal Scents Cellini Red,
Coastal Scents Cosmetic Ultramarine Blue, Coastal Scents Blue-Red Chrome Mica, Coastal Scents Purple Punch,TKB Reflects Her Majesty, TKB Reflects Pinky Pink and a heaped drop spoon each of 6 different unnamed ebay glitters


Island Cocktail by ~tHiAmErE~
"I created this because I haven't seen something like this yet. I have seen Revlon Whimsical at the Revlon counter but for some reason it didn't quite appeal on me just because it's sheer. I want something bright & bold! I wanted something that is Deborah Lippmann-ish but is still unique by itself"
Recipe - Sansan Canary Glow, Bobbie Solar Burst, multi coloured glitters


Lacy Lingerie by Catherine
" I have named my franken "Lacy Lingerie" because it matches a fancy bra I recently purchased, fuchsia with black lace. FuchsiaRama must be considered a neon, because it doesn't dry glossy, but it does dry quickly! My picture is 3 coats of Lacy Lingerie plus one coat of Seche Vite, in indirect sunlight with no photo editing."
Recipe - Wet 'n' Wild FuchsiaRama, L.A. Girls Uninhibited


Mardi Gras by Lab Muffin
"I based this on the traditional Mardi Gras colours of green, purple and gold. I wanted a really festive, in-your-face glitter polish! The gold holo microglitter was a last-minute addition, and I'm glad I put it in there, it's pretty photogenic - it's the little red spots, very blingy! Swatching it over black really makes it pop."
Recipe - green round glitter, big green hex glitter, medium purple hex glitter, medium gold hex glitter, gold holo microglitter and Ulta3 Gold Digger


Party at my shell by Eιlєєи
" This polish was inspired by the ocean floor and I wanted the franken to look like it's the ocean floor with sunken treasures. Jelleh and glitter that's the best combo out there, no? Now, if only ocean floors were holographic... "
Recipe - Daboo star glitter, Milani gems, multicolored glitter polish, Sinful colors green ocean, Rainbow Am28, Am21 and clear nail polish.


Peacock [ Dare to Dream brand]  by Pretty Purple Polish
"Peacock is small fuschia, blue and green hex glitters in a blue jelly base. The name peacock didn't really come to mind until after I had put it on. This is my first real franken, before this I've only created disasters. I couldn't picture what it would look like in my head before creating it but I'm happy with how it turned out."
Recipe - Fuschia Solvent stable glitter, Blue Solvent stable glitter, Green Solvent stable glitter, Ferric Ferrocyanide Base, Untinted Lacquer Base


 Purple Cupcake Frosting by Alexandra_R_C
"I came up with a glittery purple jelly franken, perfect at 3 coats! no basecoat or topcoat in the pics."
Recipe - OPI Funny Bunny, Spoiled Pet My Peacock, Milani JEWEL FX Lavender, OPI Road House Blues, L'oreal Pink Shells


Secret Staircase by Margie
"The name came about because my husband and I have been discussing our dream home if we were to build a new house and he would like a secret room accessed from a secret staircase. Of course I want a nail polish room but that's a given!"
Recipe - Ulta3 Blue Marlin, Ulta3 Red Glitter, NYC Red Sparkle and Australis Dark Purple Polish Pot


See you at Midnight by Em
"See You At Midnight is a gorgeous royal blue with a shimmer. Although I used a Duochrome Blue Yellow Sparkle pigment, the shimmer is more of a light gold and doesn't show up well in photos. This was two coats and the formula was great! Blue is my favourite colour and definitely my favourite nail polish colour and I wanted to create something a little different."
Recipe -  Ultramarine Blue Oxide pigment, Duochrome Blue Yellow Sparkle pigment, Suspension base


Sparkly Turd [or Honeycomb Crunch] by Graham
"I saw my wife answered a poll on face book about men wearing nail polish as 'irresistible' and she's been going on about entering your competition, so I thought I'd surprise her and show her I can do better.
Any man can paint his nails but it takes a real man to make his own."
Recipe - Essence Gold Old Buffy, Essence Grand-plie in Black, Face of Australia Molten Lava, BYS Pot of Gold (for some glitter) plus some big and small copper glitter and some Travel to Mercury.


Verily Verdant by Jme
"Verily Verdant is the colour of lush, rolling mountains - if your average mountain had countless hidden gems, that is! Blue-toned holographic glitter catches the eye among the bright green hexagonal sparkles. A turn of the hand into the light will reveal a mesmerizing flash of ever-shifting blue, green and gold shades from the fine triochrome bar and hexagonal glitters. All this shininess lie suspended within the mid-green jelly base, giving the polish a layered depth. This franken polish looks stunning on its own and when layered over other colours as well. One layer of Verily Verdant over black allows the green-themed glitter to glow in beautiful contrast."
Recipe - Mio Piccolo 03, Orly Here Comes Trouble, Color Combos CTW 507, China Glaze Emerald Sparkle, LA Girl Idol.


Waiting for Nemo by Whee Spree
[Swatch is shown over OPI Road House Blues]
"I'm absolutely in love with dark blues and greens, and have always wanted to create my own version of DL Across the Universe. so that's exactly what i did when i received my new frankening supplies from TKB just last week! i'm super satisfied with my interpretation, which takes my nail polish journey from across the universe to the depths of the sea :p "
Recipe - Clear Polish, The FaceShop BL605, Multi-Coloured Flakies and Headtrip Glitter from TKB Trading.

I've tried to make it really easy for you. 
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  1. Creators!! They all look divine! Please contact me if I have made any spelling errors or missed links etc! I'll fix it up for you.

    Now get voting!

  2. These are all amazing!! :D You can tell that glitters are in vogue haha!

  3. ROFL! I've been dying to see these and now I can't stop laughing. Sparkly Turd??? I'm pretty sure that's my Graham 'cause that looks an awful lot like one of my Sally Hansen top coat bottles and it would explain the recent mess in my glitter supplies that I've been blaming the kids for. Also explains why Graham's been asking me each night if the franken comp photos are up yet. I'll be checking Graham's nails when he gets home, if I can stop laughing long enough.
    As for the voting, how can I choose just one! This is tough, they are all so beautiful and wearable.

  4. Rebecca - that is so awesome and funny that your husband secretly entered. Please tell him his Sparkly Turd is very pretty!

    And the rest of them, WOW. I held a frankening comp in June last year, and I don't mean for this to sound disrespectful to those entries, but all I can say is that frankeners have come a very long way in that time.

    I think the availability and accessibility to suspension base, tints, pigments, flakes and solvent stable glitters has made an amazing improvement in what people can and are creating.

    Huge congratulations to everyone. Lovely to see so many entries, and lots from all my favourite bloggers. Also some new blogs to follow.

    Great Comp, thanks Sarah Claire!

  5. Can I vote for like 7 or something? I honestly cannot pick...good luck choosing the winner!

  6. ohh.. i love island cocktail most.. its awesome!!

  7. :O graham's entry is super cute <3

    i can only dream of the day my bf would do the same thing :p

  8. Sparkly Turd, how brilliant! :D Rebecca, do tell Graham that he's hilarious.

    Dante's Inferno makes me luuuust for it! *grabby hands* Actually, I could say that for about five other frankens here, aaaaaahhhh!

    Sarah, thanks for hosting this competition. It's been a real pleasure to join! I have posted more pictures and explanations on my blog, if anyone is interested in seeing more. :) All these Frankens have been a spectacular turn out!

  9. Hahaha Sparkly Turd! Love it! I wish my partner would do something like that! Graham's got some good swatching and photo skills!

    I loved all the entries, so hard to just choose one!

    By the way my brand is Dare to Wear not dream. But Dare to Dream sounds good too :)

    Thanks again for this comp, it was soo much fun! :)

  10. The sparkly turd is beautiful male made or not!


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