Tuesday, December 11, 2012

... Aussie Christmas Nail Challenge - Elf ...

By now I'm sure regular readers would have realised my sense of humour ... todays theme is "Elf" and while I could go for the traditional green and white colours - all I could think of in my head is this below.


So here are my Santa nails - really easy to do and I think they look ok considering it's been awhile since I've done any tape manis and I'm really in a lot of pain at the moment after visiting the dentist. Super sensitive teeth = ouch ouch ouch :(
Colours used are Butter London - Pillar Box Red, Ulta 3 - Lily White, Ulta3 - Black Satin and Gosh - Holographic Hero
I should have used a gold for the belt buckle but that's a lesson for next time!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

... Aussie Nails Monday - Delicate ...

And around rolls another Monday ... todays theme is delicate. I honestly had no idea on what to do for this, so I figured a girly soft colour and I figured stamping makes everything better!
I've chosen Bourjois 26 from the 10 day no chip range as my base. It's a pretty pink and while I've never been lucky enough to get a full 10 days out of this range, it's worth trying if you don't have time to change your polish lately. It's one of the few that survived my "pool test" when I was doing them.

I've stamped on it using Ulta3 white and used the BM 206 plate for my design. It's not the largest design but I found it double stamped quite well.
So there you go - hopefully I'll be back onto Christmas blogging tomorrow.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

... Aussie Christmas Nail Challenge - Summer Sunset ...

I'm actually really pleased how this one worked out! This is my summer sunset! I've chosen to go for a gradient of oranges, red and a purple and then stamp on the top!
Colours used are ...
B Collection by Bloom - St Tropez
Essie - Meet me at sunset [appropriate!]
Maybelline Colorama - 15 Candy Apple
Maybelline Colorama - 67 Wonder Violet
I've stamped over the top using Ulta3 Black Satin and I've used the stamping plate from Lilic's A04

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

... Butter London - Pink Ribbon ...

Butter London - Pink Ribbon
Available in stores if you look hard enough! Aussies check out sites like Brand Exclusive where they are on sale regularly
I was asked to do a post on a colour I don't usually wear. I like a challenge!! And a challenge it was as I attempt to wear most colours so it took me awhile to work out what to wear but I ended up deciding on a sheer nude. I hardly ever wear them as they are generally painted opaque ... but here goes.
So this is Pink Ribbon by Butter London and it's basically a real pale pink/beige that's sheer. These shots show 3 coats and there was no issues with drying times or bumps.
 ** Final Verdict **
While this polish isn't for me I can see it's appeal if you don't often wear polish or are not comfortable or allowed to wear loud polishes at work/school etc. It's really easy to apply with fast dry time so I'd give it a thumbs up in that regard.

Monday, December 3, 2012

... Aussie Nails Monday - Glad Wrap ...

And Monday rolls around again ... I know I signed up for the Christmas challenge but I'm going to be picking and choosing either for clashing Mondays. I am not a blogger who can swatch and instantly take it off and redo ... I like to wear my efforts! :)

Anyway ... Today I've gone for ANM which is the Glad Wrap nails. Glad Wrap is the generic term in Australia for plastic wrap ... like how Saran Wrap seems to be the term in the US.

I've chosen to use Cult Nails Bitten from my last mani and see how it works with Gosh Holographic Hero.
I'm actually really pleased with how this turned out for a first try! Generally my first efforts on anything is an embarrassment!

If this look interests you I'd suggest hitting Google for some tutorials but I basically layered a coat of Holographic Hero over the top of Bitten and used a scrunched up ball of Glad Wrap to dab it to create this effect.
I lost most of the holo *sad* but if you squint you can see some appearing through. The rainbow lives on!!

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

... Aussie Christmas Nail Challenge - Cult Nails -Bitten...

Last year was my first Christmas as a blogger and I really wanted to get into the festive spirit but found it was extremely difficult to get into the mood of challenges when they were all about snow and cold and winter ... bit hard to get imaginative on those themes when it's stinking hot outside and you've been hibernating under the airconditioner for the past week.

But hurrah ... how I'm going to go with this challenge I dunno - especially with clashes on dates with the other Aussie challenge I'm currently participating in - but we'll give it a go!
I got lucky for Day 1 ... I'd been to visit the beautiful Kristy from The Polish Haven yesterday and did my nails there with this fantastic new Cult Nails polish.
This pretty is Bitten and it's definitely unique on my colour wheels. I don't have anything that it's close too and the best I can come up with is that it's like a darker version of Orly Star Spangled.
All these swatches are 3 coats and it had fast drying time and no lumps or bubbles! Really pretty! Seriously! Look at it!!!
** Final Verdict **
I have seriously no complaints about this polish at all. It's pretty to look at, it sparkles, what more could a girl want!!

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