Tuesday, April 23, 2013

... OPI - The Impossible ...

OPI - The Impossible
Gifted but available online

Today I've got one of the OPI Liquid Sands polishes to show you. I brought this really to have my own opinion on it. I don't like textured polishes in general but I like to form my own opinions on things instead of just trusting the internet ... and I don't regret buying this one at all!

This is 3 coats without a top coat and while it was gritty it wasn't "pick at me" gritty. I've definitely worn worse glitters in the past. I was surprised on how much I liked it even though it wasn't silky smooth.

Close up of the glitter goodness. Can you see the star shapes? Hot!!! I always like the hidden surprises and any glitter that isn't the standard ol' hex is loved by me.

These polishes were a part of the Mariah Carey collection and while I'm not a huge fan of hers, I definitely am a huge fan of this colour! It's gorgeous!  Also I must say the wear on this was fantastic! I didn't have any chips or flakes from it in days except for some tip wear which is to be expected.

** Final Verdict **
This really surprised me. I was expecting to hate it since I'm a fan of things that aren't smooth but wow! I don't regret buying this at all and while I totally understand that it's not for everyone, if you want to try for yourself the liquid sand trend then get your hands on this one!

Monday, April 22, 2013

... piCture pOlish - Shocked ...

I'm really excited to have the opportunity to bring this exclusive to you all! Introducing Shocked ... by Shatter Me Claire ;)

IT'S PARTY TIME PEOPLE!!!   Celebrate good times c'mon!!! Oh wait ... wrong song! *changes CDs*

♫ Tell me, I'm only dreaming ... and I'll believe you! ♫ 
♫ Can't see how this could be true!! ♫

I'm sure a lot of you remember the last piCture pOlish blogfest from last July. There were so many pretties showcased that day and  I was very flattered to be given an offer to be included in their collaboration range along with so many well known bloggers who are already listed.

Photo taken in natural sunlight

Anyone who is a long time reader of my blog, knows that I love pink! Also I like things that are full of sparkle and eye catching!  Shocked is all of the above. It's very me and although I didn't physically make it, I'm glad that it turned out to be myself captured into a bottle.

Photo taken in natural sunlight

Obviously "Shocked" is a vibrant pink and it has a hidden gem of holographic glitters through out. These photos are all 3 coats of yummy goodness and like all piCture pOlish polishes, it was fast drying and lump free! Awesome! I found I had a good chip free run aswell with it which is fantastic if you don't want to change your polish every 24 hours.

Photo taken in natural sunlight

And I'm sure there will be people out there confused over the "blurb" which is ...
Rock your nails
With our Kylie

Nope - my name isn't Kylie!! But if you don't get the reference then hopefully this YouTube clip will help explain the motives behind it.

*queue dodgy 90s Australian music clip*

I chose the name "Shocked" because a] I was shocked to even be considered as a finalist and b] I wanted to name it after something Aussie. I like Kylie Minogue and while I was thinking of names, this came on the radio. Really, it worked in well because the piCture pOlish girls thought of Kylie's song Shocked aswell when I submitted the name. It was meant to be!

Photo taken indoors

As I just can't leave things alone, here it is with some pretty heart stamping taken from the Lilic's A02 plate. I thought hearts were appropriate as I love it simply just because it's so me!

Shocked is available from today [woohoo!] from piCture pOlish and other network members.  Currently it's in limited supply so if you'd like a bottle then get onto it sooner rather than later!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

... When acetone is not your friend - Part 4 ...

Continuing on, I found these nail stickers in my collection and I was intrigued so let's give them a whirl. They are called Kiss Nail Dress and this design is called Cocktail.

I'm pretty sure this brand is from the US but I've definitely seem them in Australia at Priceline.

These have raised dots which I thought I'd find annoying as I personally don't like it when my polish isn't smooth but I didn't find it too bad. They didn't catch as much as I thought. I found myself rubbing my finger pads over them but I didn't pick at them which is what I'd usually do with anything that isn't flat.

I won't lie. I was skeptical about these. Especially once I took them out of the packet and realised that the non-pink was clear and my natural nail will show through. You could still see my bruise but from a distance it was covered up pretty well.

The hardest part of application was getting the tip right. Because of the raised gem dots, filing is not easy. In the end I grabbed some scissors to get it super close and then filed the edge.

Pros - Pretty, Easy to remove.
Cons - Not as easy to apply as others I've included in this series, No showers! The slightest bit of water makes them lift around the sides.  Not long lasting but would be great if you are in a rush for a 24 hour period.

Depending on your nail shape this could be a pro or a con ... I found that the stickers in this pack were on the larger side width wise. I don't have the smallest nails but I used up all of the smallest stickers in the packet. Out of a packet of 28 strips I am now left with 18 that I can't use and that also means no spares. Unlike the foils that I reviewed earlier in the week, these are a lot harder to be cut into the right shape if you need them.

But ... If you found that in the past, stickers haven't covered your nails entirely (especially thumbs) then this brand will work for you.

So for now that's the end of this series but I'll be back to visit it in the next 4-8 weeks while this is still going on. If you have any tips or suggestions please let me know!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

... When acetone is not your friend - Part 3 ...

Quite a few people have suggested using peel off base on my injured nail. I love the idea that it's able to be removed easily without acetone but I've been trying to use it sparingly because of the deep dent/scratch. I don't want it to seep in or get stuck or cause more injury but if you just have a bruise or a cut on the skin then this would be ideal.

This is Femme Fatale Twilight Meteorite over a base coat of peel off base. Application is really easy on the peel off base, don't be shocked when it comes out white. Just remember the good old days of school and aquadhere! Just be patient and it will dry and become clear before your eyes. Once it's clear you are good to go and paint as normal.

Pros - Easy to remove! No acetone required! You can paint your nails as normal and no one will know
Cons -  If manage to get any peel off base on your skin or catch the polish it may peel off before your eyes in a big piece. This is not always handy when you are out and about.

I'll be back tomorrow with another suggestion! Any tips or hints? Keep them coming!

Friday, April 19, 2013

... When acetone is not your friend - Part 2 ...

If you missed yesterdays post, start there! It'll make more sense ;)

Today I'm just testing out some false nails to see how it goes on my injured nail. These are from the brand Elegant Touch and I found these in Priceline for under $10. I know a lot come with nail glue but as glue will mean I'll need remover, so I went looking for ones that just used those soft adhesive patches that just peel off.
It's been a long time since I picked out some false nails so I was surprised how pretty these actually were.

Elegant Touch seems to be a brand from the UK but I was really taken by their designs. These are pretty peacock feathers! We've come a long way from the standard colour falsies I remember of the mid 90s. I actually can't believe I found it hard to make a decision on which packet to get!

The pack consists of 24 nails, adhesive tabs, the instruction leaflet and a buffer. Very easy to apply. Find which nail works best on each finger, peel off each side off the adhesive tab and press the nail on top, break the little tab off and file smooth. Voila! Really easy and if you are in a rush these would be ideal!

The packaging claims that it could last up to a week but I think unless you are super careful that they would catch before then.  As always my pointer finger isn't quite the right shape so I have ended up with a gap that I found myself picking at.  They still lasted 24 hours while doing all housework and cleaning!

Pros - They are very easy and quick to apply. The hardest part is selecting the right nail for each finger! Also they are really easy to remove. Biggest pro is the design! I mean look at how pretty this one is!! Well worth a look.

Cons - These apparently are the "short" nails and for me they are definitely anything by short. My nails are quite long at the moment and the only one peeking out is my little finger. Also if your nail doesn't shape to the plastic then you'll have gaps.

I'll be back tomorrow with another edition - please keep the comments coming with suggestions on other things to use! I'll be only doing this series til Monday but as my bite is not quite  half way grown out I'll be back for round 2 soon!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

... When acetone is not your friend - Part 1 ...

[Seems I got a bit ranty ... sorry!!]

I've been in a bit of a polish rut lately *sad* I've been unmotivated, unmoved and unexcited about doing a manicure. It's a same as I've had some really great opportunities come my way lately and I've blown them off *mega sad face*

So why the major sadness?? Well cos of this ... (if you are squeamish look away now)
I'm growing out an injury - a cat bite to be exact (lesson learnt - don't hold a frightened kitten!)  While I've done some great growing on my nails (the original was right on the cuticle) and the bruising just seems to be a colour on the nail now, that white mark is a dent. A deep dent. It looks like a crack but I'm not proding around on it. My doctor said it's fine - I'll trust her judgement as originally I thought I'd lose my whole nail.

I naively thought nothing of it after it happened and did my nail removal as usual. Lets just say this happened.
It hurt. A lot. 
I think I even cried. Even the hardcore nail polish addicts would find this hard to bounce back from. Even non-acetone hurt.

So I've been avoiding polish, just so I could avoid removing it. Only painting 9 nails isn't fun and even painting one hand to swatch still means that you have to wear a glove on the other hand when removing to make sure nothing transfers over. Annoying. Too Hard Basket. Frustrating. Depressing. Blah!

Recently I went out to celebrate my birthday with my favourite polish loving friends and my beautiful mate Margie suggested wearing some Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips. Sadly those require remove to get them off but it got me thinking. Surely I'm not the only polish addict with a nail injury. Plus we've all had the ouch acetone feeling when it's gotten near a cut.

So ... here's a small series on suggestions on how to have pretty nails without resorting to swearing like a sailor or painting your nails with sharpies!

Thanks for the friendship acetone ... but it's time to part for us to part ways temporarily.

So first up on the test block are these - Salon Nail Foils from Pretty Woman.
I didn't buy these but I'm pretty sure I've seen them at Woolworths or Coles. The first thing that grabbed me about these is the fact it contains 16 foils. I get having a few spare but 16 just seems like an odd number!  The second thing is that it comes with some spiffy scissors, file and a pusher.

I've had zero luck with foils in the past so let's see how we go this time!! As always I manged to stuff them when putting on the nail but that pusher - man it works magic!!!

Seriously shiny and everything. Removal instructions are to wash hands in warm soapy water and to lift an edge of the foil and peel it off which worked really well.

Pros - Easy to apply, Look good, Easy to cut the right size, Super easy to remove!
Cons - Not long lasting. Can't wear in the shower or doing dishes. You could wear for a day/night but after that it will start to catch. Boo!

I was quite impressed though. I've had no luck with foils in the past and these covered my bite no problems and removal was so easy. Definitely give this a thumbs up.   I'll be back tomorrow with another gem!

Monday, April 15, 2013

... Aussie Nails Monday - Dots ...

It's been awhile so here's Aussie Nails Monday! Today's theme is dots and while I like the look of dots, I seriously need a lot more practice!!

I've chosen to use Ulta3 Black Satin, Rimmel Matte Finished and the dots are Layla Mirror Effects Mirror Chrome, Metal Plum, Titanium Sky and Pink Iron.

I really loved the contrast between the matte of the black and the shiny mirror metallic from the Laylas. I'm not entirely happy with my effort but practice makes perfect. I'm hoping one day I'll figure out how to do foolproof beautiful dots!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

... Orly - Elation Generation ...

Orly - Elation Generation
$18.95 AUD at selected stockists. Check the Orly Australia website!

This is the last Orly polish I have to show you from the Hope & Freedom Collection and she's a beaut! This is Elation Generation and it's a pink glitter creme.

This is my favourite out of the products I've been reviewing from Orly [it's pink! How can I not love it!] but these pictures definitely don't reflect how seriously stunning it actually is.

Look at all the pretty little holo glitter sparkles!! Oooh. They just are everywhere and while they are a pain to capture in their holographic goodness, they will bring a smile to your face when out in sunlight.

Even though this is showcased as an autumn polish for us down here in the Southern Hemisphere it's definitely bright to shine through on those days as the temperature drops and you just want to spend the day lounging in your tracky dacks and uggs!

Polishes were provided for review but all opinions, Aussie humour and dodgy photography are my own!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

... Orly - Melodious Utopia ...

Orly - Melodious Utopia
$18.95 AUD at selected stockists. Check the Orly Australia website!

Another pretty from Orly today. This is Melodious Utopia which is described as a "soft yellow creme" but it's definitely not another pale pastel. It's very pretty and I thought it worked really well with my skin tone.

There is a bonus shimmer inside which is a pain to capture but it's definitely there. It's like the hidden surprise that you weren't expecting! So pretty! It seems to appear as a yellow but in certain light it goes towards more of a coral.

I'm not sure why yellows aren't loved as much as they should but if you haven't branched into the happiness that yellow can offer, then I'd recommend trying this one! Like the other polishes in this collection it's 3 free.

If it's too much yellow for you then you can easily tone it down with some nail art. I've gone for some simple dots today and I've dotted using Orly Coachella Dweller that I reviewed in my last post.

I really enjoyed this polish. I try to love all yellows but a lot don't work with my skintone but this one looked fab. I like to wear brighter polishes through autumn before the doom and gloom appears with the cold weather and this one will definitely be on my rotation.

Polishes were provided for review but all opinions, Aussie humour and dodgy photography are my own!

Monday, April 1, 2013

... Orly - Coachella Dweller ...

Orly - Coachella Dweller
$18.95 AUD at selected stockists. Check the Orly Australia website!

Howdy everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a spiffy Easter. I've personally had some well deserved time off and now I'm planning to do some major catching up before the school holidays are on top of me!

Today I have this beauty to show you from the Orly Hope & Freedom collection. I was quite excited actually as while I've seen Orly from time to time in Australia, I haven't seen new collections! Woo! Anyway, the Hope & Freedom collection is described as "reminiscent of a crisp Autumn garden with a soft green, two shades of blue, a sunny yellow, pinky red and a milky white making up the pretty palette". They are also 3 free [hoorah!] and come with the soft gripper cap that I love to use as it's super soft [slight problem is my cat seems to love the caps aswell ... probably a good thing that the caps don't come as cat toys or I'd go broke within a week]

So this super pretty number is Coachella Dweller [say that 10 times fast!], which is a pretty green creme and do not be fooled if your bottle is slightly on the more liquid side as I found flowed really smoothly on the nail which was a pleasant surprise!!!
I've used 3 coats for these swatches and had some great wear from it aswell for those reading who like longevity in their polish!
Even without a top coat it's shiner than end of the day autumn glare blinding you through the window! Perfect for those who like glossy polishes with that super smooth finish.
And as always, I can't leave anything alone ... here it is with some leopard print stamping! I really liked it as it  being a pastel base. It was striking but not overpowering!
I used the Konad m81 for this funky design with black polish. Easy!

For more information on Orly in Australia, you can find them on Facebook here www.facebook.com/ORLYAustralia and also on Twitter @ORLYAustralia

Polishes were provided for review but all opinions, Aussie humour and dodgy photography are my own!

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