Umm ... Hi!  My name is Sarah Claire and welcome to Shatter me Claire!

The name Shatter me Claire came about from the craze of Shatter/Crackle polishes and being asked "What's shatter polish Claire?" after trying to explain it to someone.

I originally had a huge blurb here about myself and then I thought ... does anyone really read these things?? So I've simplifed it down!
* Aussie chick *
* Early 30s *
* Wife *
* Mother *
* Polish Addict *
* Mail Lover *
* Holo Hoarder*
* Flakie Princess *

This blog basically is my vent ... my outlet ... my happy place!!

My husband [and majority of my family] doesn't understand my obsession and thinks that I just have way too much time on my hands while I think that it's something that I love and keeps me out of too much mischief - although it definitely costs too much money.

I'm a qualified nail technician but I'm also just a regular person with an everyday opinion. I know what I like in products and all opinions expressed on my blog are my own. While I try to look at the positives, I also won't recommend things that I personally wouldn't use on myself or clients.

From time to time other interests may appear - especially my love of the Simpsons - but end of the day this is just my blog full of me.


Unless stated, all my work is on my own natural nails. Since June 2012, I've been using a Canon Ixus 220HS camera for 95% of my shots (before that I used a Olympus FE camera). The other 5% have been taken on an iPhone 4 (iPhone 5 since February 2013)

While I do use photoshop for cropping and watermarking, I generally do not alter my photos in any way (I have no idea how to do anything other than the basics!!)

***** Random Stats *****
Shatter me Claire was started on Blogger - June 1, 2011
Shatter me Claire arrived on Facebook - June 26, 2011
100 GFC followers - August 11,2011

Joined Instagram - November 13, 2012
1000 Instagram Followers - October 20, 2013
First photo to hit 100 likes on Instagram - May 27, 2014
First photo to hit 200 likes on Instagram - May 28, 2014

***** Special Moments *****
Featured on the official Plants vs Zombies Facebook page - 9 August 2012. Over 2,500 shares and 20,000 likes


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