Wednesday, February 26, 2014

... Celestial Cosmetics - Moonlight Glow ...

I'm so happy on how these nails worked out!! YAY! I was recently given a chance to get my hands on this gorgeous polish which is Moonlight Glow by Celestial Cosmetics which is a fantastic pink holo *drools*

Now it's no secret that I love pink but I also love Mario and I thought this pink would be fantastic for a Princess Peach mani! Like many children of the 80s I spent many many hours playing Mario games and even today that's not changed too much as I've been playing a bit of Paper Mario Sticker Star on 3DS.

I've reversed stamped her from the FUN3 plate from Fab Ur Nails and the nude colour is Pink Ribbon by Butter London which I thought turned out fantastic! I have struggled with skin colours in the past as everything is either too brown or too orange but. Ah! So much love!

It's been a long time since I loved a mani so much and this will be a struggle to take off! I love the pink, I love the stamping and I love how the total combo works. 

And I'll leave you with something I've often wondered. I mean Bowser is pretty cool and all and have you ever wondered where Bowser Junior came from?? Hmmmmm

Monday, February 24, 2014

... AN Monday - Saran Wrap ...

Welcome to another Aussie Nail Monday! Todays theme is Saran Wrap which I was quite excited to give another try. Last time I really enjoyed myself and found it so simple to get a great result. It's amazing how to you can transform your nails by only using polish and a strip of Cling Wrap!

I've used Cate Ruby Fudge as the base and then used Blue Bubblegum on top and then Oli on top of that! I think the pink and blue work really well together and the pink has been one of my favourites for a long time. The weather today was rather humid so I found that an interesting struggle to get my polish to dry, especially between coats.

I've stamped over the top with the EDM02 plate which is super pretty but I'm not sure I've captured it's full potential here. I'll be definitely giving it another go in the future.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

... Celestial Cosmetics - LE February 2014 ...

The fantastic Nicki over at Celestial Cosmetics has made a limited edition polish for February and it's gorgeous! It's simply called LE February 2014 and it's a stunner! As you can tell from the name, it's a limited edition and it's only available from Celestial during February, so if this grabs your fancy, get on it this week before it's gone forever!!!

It's an awesome chocolately brown scattered holo. Mmmmm Chocolate! *homer drool* I think it's a fantastic colour and the holo appears extremely bright.  All these swatches are 2 coats with top coat in full sun.

The closest colour I can find in my collection is Emily de Mollys Ground Control but they are definitely not the same shade of brown and then there's the fact that the EdM is a linear holo.  I always love finding a shade of holo that I don't already own! YAY!

And because I couldn't resist ... DOMO!!!!

I thought he suited this fantastic colour and I thought of him as soon as I put it on. I've reverse stamped the domo outline from the excellent FUN 11 plate. So simple and so effective! LOVE!

So, if this grabbed your attention, get yourself over to Celestial Cosmetics now and get yourself one of these beauties! If you are outside of Australia and want one desperately, please email Nicki or myself and I'm sure we can work something out for you!

Polishes were provided for review but all opinions, Aussie humour and dodgy photography are my own!

Friday, February 7, 2014

... Enchanted Polish - I am the Walrus ...

Anyone who enjoys polish, knows that Enchanted Polishes are the current hot thing. Getting your hands on a bottle can be extremely hard unless you are in the right place at the right time. I wanted to share this polish tonight for 2 reasons. One, because it's extremely beautiful and two, there is a bottle of "I am the Walrus" up for auction so incase you are lusting over it, you can satisfy that lemming while lending a hand to others.

The beautiful Carli over at Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup recently wrote this post with the heartbreaking story about her relatives. Since then quite a few Aussie polish lovers have joined forces to auction a lot of polishes off to raise money for the family. Please check out the Kindness in Polish Facebook page to see all the fantastic polishes up for grabs which includes this beauty as someone very kindly donated a bottle.

I am the Walrus packs a double whammy. Firstly that it's holographic, and secondly that it's a multichrome. It's constantly changing colour and in the sunlight you have the familiar rainbow pattern appear aswell. Bliss! I found the shift was definitely more noticable in the shade but maybe that's cos I'm easily distracted by holographic polishes!

It's worthwhile to note that these swatches are not layered. This is the straight out the bottle effect which is fantastic for those lazy like myself as I don't have the patience to layer polishes on a regular basis. 

Sorry there are no fancy underwater shots. The only time my hands are near water these days is when I'm at the beach avoiding the heat! I didn't think sand and surf would be a great shot combo (especially when you add in the fact that I'm a complete klutz who would drop her camera in!)

So if you haven't done so already, please check out the Kindness in Polish Facebook page! The auction includes rare and hard to find polish along with super special one of a kind polishes made by Australian indie makers.  Well worth the look and even if you don't have the finances to buy, please help by sharing the page. It takes only a minute to either share on Facebook, Instagram or Blogger and you will be doing a lot of help to the cause by getting the links out there into cyberspace!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

... Lilypad Lacquer - True Blood ...

Howdy! Today I'm wearing something that I was asked to swatch for friends once they realised I had this beauty. This is True Blood by Lilypad Lacquer. Sadly I had it sitting in a drawer until last week but look at it!!

This is 3 coats of fast drying excellence. No need for a aqua base or anything, just put it on your nails and walk out the door, ready to face the day! Oddly, I didn't like this before I went outside. I didn't think the dark colour worked for me at all but that all changed in the sunlight. Happy happy holo! I'm very glad I gave it a chance before throwing it in the swap pile.

Sadly, True Blood has been discontinued but you can find it on blogsales and in swap groups. Please just keep in mind that there are a few versions with slightly different shades floating around so you might pick up a bottle that is different to this. There are a few versions of TB around the place but after lots of asking around and investigation, this appears to be the original version released.

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