Saturday, May 31, 2014

... Polish Party - Splatter ...

I joined a new Facebook group in the last few days called Polish Party who are doing monthly challenges! That sounds right up my alley! A whole month to complete the task!! Woohoo! I have great intentions with my weekly ones but often I run out of time to paint (or in most cases, photo and edit!)

This months theme is Splatter Nails and thankfully I am just scrapping this into the month! Woohoo!

I've chosen to use a 2 coat base of Nails Inc Cadogan Place and splatter over it with the vibrant Nails Inc I <3 Ita. If you are new to splatter manicures, the straw is everything. Too big and it won't work and you just end up with polish everywhere. I personally love the straws that come with kids Fruit Boxes/Poppers/Juice Boxes. They seem to be just the right size to dip and spray!

It's been awhile since I've done a splatter mani and I'd forgotten how easy and simple it is to get a fantastic looking mani. I'm very much liking how this turned out and how the contrast in colours works.

With any luck the inlinkz will appear below and you can check out all the other lovely nails featured in the Polish Party! YAY!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

... Mario and Boo ...

It's not often I'll tackle a theme twice but I had so much fun with the AIPAS "Revenge of the Nerds" theme this week I wanted to do another. I really do love Boo from the Mario series. He does get forgotten about a bit behind all the other villain characters but I'm glad I had a chance to feature him.

The base for this mani is Pretty Serious Creature Crush which I guess is appropriate! It's an extremely pretty dark blue with black and silver glitter. I really like how the larger hex pieces are not overwhelming if you are like me and not a huge glitter fan. Sadly it's being discontinued so if this looks like a polish you need in your life, run over now to Pretty Serious and grab your bottle!

Boo is from the ever loved FUN3 stamping plate while Mario is from MoYou London - Back to the 90s 01. Both have been filled in using acrylic paint. Marios overalls got a tad smudged when placing the reverse stamping which is due to my impatience in not letting the paint dry! But who can blame me when this looks so good!

I've got big things planned for the 1st of June so I hope you pop back then to check it out!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

... AIPAS Hulk Nails ...

Woah! Better grab a chair as 2 days in a row never happens! Shocked!

The Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society had a theme this week of "Revenge of the Nerds". Now I don't really consider myself nerdy but I have wanted to do Hulk nail art for awhile and here's my chance. I've always had a soft spot for him and for a bit of an odd reason.   Until recently my grandparents had a massive hulk fridge magnet which I presume was left behind from my Uncles when they moved out when I was really little. Anyway ... onto the pics!

Now the polish is the super beautiful Lilypad Lacquer Peita's Potion which now has the proud award of being featured on the blog more than once!! It's honestly so beautiful! The Hulk himself comes from my super favourite stamping plate FUN11 and even though I seem to use it all the time, I'm not even half way into using all the characters! I'll get there though!

The Hulk is painted using acrylic paint and his hair is actually Zoya Veruschka for a bit of extra sparkle. Not that this needed it! It's gorgeous! Today has been extremely gloomy with rain and I got so lucky that as soon as I finished painting, the sun appeared for a few precious seconds! Score!  It's not often that I get a mani looking as fab as this first time with minimal effort and then get rewarded with sunlight aswell.

To say I'm happy with this mani is an understatement. Everything just went so right and the purple worked so well with the green. Loving that green acrylic paint though *makes note to use it again*

Monday, May 26, 2014

... AN Monday - Disney ...

Hmmmm ... *insert excuses for not blogging here* ... Well that definitely wasn't the way I was hoping May would turn out but hey! Live and learn :)

Guess what ... It's AN Monday!! Todays theme is "Disney" and with the exception of the Pixar movies, there are only a handful of Disney movies/characters that I seem to like but my favourite of all time is Tigger!!

T-I-DOUBLE GRR-ERRRR!  I gave this my own twist from the many Tigger inspired french manis on google images (I'm crediting the first one I saw which was here). I've used piCture pOlish beige for the base and then have used piCture pOlish mellow yellow, candy and popsicle for tigger himself. The image is reverse stamped from the FUN11 plate! LOVE!

It's been so long since I used Popsicle and I'd forgotten how much it shimmers! Divine! Even though I painted Tiggers tummy the wrong colour (doh!) I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. Simple yet effective! I can see I need to work on my french manicures but practice makes perfect. I'd love to revisit this another day.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

... Untried May ** Celestial Cosmetics - Sun Kissed ...

I have this gorgeous beauty to show you today. The weather here has definitely turned to gloomy autumn now and I really got lucky taking these shots in the one bit of sun that managed to shine on through!

This is Sun Kissed by Celestial Cosmetics and it's a real beauty. I'm so glad that I pulled this one out of the box to try first. This is 2 coats of pure holo droolness! It's a fantastic colour that I thought worked really well with my skintone. There needs to be more orange in the world!

The holo in Sun Kissed is what I've come to expect from Celestial. Instant! BAM! All these shots are taken in full natural sunlight which is always the way to go but you definitely won't be disappointed in the shade. It's a gorgeous colour.

Sadly I only own 5 orange holo polishes (note to self - remedy that!) and Sun Kissed is nowhere near the same shade as any of the others. While the Celestial website doesn't ship worldwide, if you drop the owner Nicki a line I'm sure she will be able to help you acquire these pretties via her stockists.

Also I'm trying something different and devoting the whole month to untrieds in my pile, and pile is probably putting it midly. After realising that probably close to 50% of my stash and overflow collection is untried, things have to change!! So I've started something called "Untried May" both here on blogger and on IG. I know that I'm not the only one in this boat and let's face it, I love inspiration and motivation from others. So jump on board! There is plenty of room and hopefully we can all make a dent into our pile!


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