Saturday, May 12, 2012

... Face of Australia Barbados - Orange You Glad You Came? ...

Face of Australia Barbados - Orange You Glad I Came
Available from Big W, Priceline, Kmart - $4.95AU
Hello BloggerLand!!
Thanks for being patient and waiting for me to return. Sadly I've been without a computer and I cannot figure out for the life of me how to make a decent blog post using a smartphone ... actually that goes the same for reading blogs. I can read you all via a RSS reader but I cannot reply using it ... and I can't reply using the webpage as it will not let me sign in with my Google Account to comment with sucks badly. [If anyone has a solution for this I'd love you forever!!!]

Anyway now I've got my laptop back I've managed to come down with a bad case of Bronchitis. So between coughing up a lung I'm hoping to get a post up!

So finally I'm getting to the last 2 polishes in the Barbados series and this is a beautiful orange. I was surprised with how much I liked it to be honest as Oranges and I are not always friendly. It has a beautiful shimmer throughout just to add some more magic. As with the other colours it was fast drying with no lumps or bumps.
** Final Verdict **
I found it to be a really happy colour. I enjoyed wearing this on the days where the weather was cold and wet as it made me smile everytime I looked at my nails as it overcame the doom and gloom of the day!


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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