Sunday, September 2, 2012

... Island Girl - Surfing Paradise ...

Island Girl - Surfing Paradise
Gifted - I have absolutely no idea on where to buy online *sad*
Spring is finally here and I'm trying to get out of the polish rut by showing some happy vibrant colours on my nails.

I've got this beauty to show you today which was very kindly picked up for me from Hawaii by Peita and it's Island Girl - Surfing Paradise.

It's a beautiful matte purple which is fantastic in real life but a pain to photo the beautiful colour correctly. It looks neon in the bottle but is a dark purple on the tips. I feel slightly better after realising that none of the shots provided by Google images were colour correct either!! Damn you colours that don't appear correctly *waves angry fist*
As close to the actual colour in the bottle as I can get! Such a shame as it's so pretty!

And to continue on the spring theme I've stamped on it using the the Lilic's A04 plate and NYC Color in Casper.
Oh and I'm throwing this blurry shot in as it was the ONLY photo I could get of the nails closer to it's true colour. Note the difference between my nail colour and the bottle colour!!
** Final Verdict **
Extremely pretty polish. I love the fact it's matte and dries quick! Shame that it's camera shy though.


  1. Beautiful, I was only thinking had you tried it the other day :) It was my sister's favourite over there as she is a purple girl. The stamping looks great on it!!!

  2. such a beautiful purple & that butterfly stamping is so cute!

  3. C'est magnifique, ce rose! Et ces papillons, superbes!

  4. oh, that color looks so pretty on you! :) Love the butterflies!


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