Tuesday, December 4, 2012

... Butter London - Pink Ribbon ...

Butter London - Pink Ribbon
Available in stores if you look hard enough! Aussies check out sites like Brand Exclusive where they are on sale regularly
I was asked to do a post on a colour I don't usually wear. I like a challenge!! And a challenge it was as I attempt to wear most colours so it took me awhile to work out what to wear but I ended up deciding on a sheer nude. I hardly ever wear them as they are generally painted opaque ... but here goes.
So this is Pink Ribbon by Butter London and it's basically a real pale pink/beige that's sheer. These shots show 3 coats and there was no issues with drying times or bumps.
 ** Final Verdict **
While this polish isn't for me I can see it's appeal if you don't often wear polish or are not comfortable or allowed to wear loud polishes at work/school etc. It's really easy to apply with fast dry time so I'd give it a thumbs up in that regard.


  1. Hmm this one's not for me either. But maybe with 1 or 2 layers it's a lovely colour for your nails when you're making a french manicure?

  2. This would be a great polish to use for a french mani.

  3. Hmm I'm not too keen this colour either but at least it applies well!

  4. This has been sitting in my untrieds for a while. I suspect ill pull it out whe. I want to do a French type mani, but there it shall sit for a whiles


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