Wednesday, March 6, 2013

.... Sarah Claire - Cat Owner ...

Recently we had a new addition to our little family. The purring machine, Mr Fizzy has joined us and while it's been a huge exciting time, I've forgotten how many scratches you can accumulate from a kitten! It's been a long time since we've had a cat in our lives and so far the kiddiewinks are enjoying the experience aswell.
Why yes, I will pose for photos!

Although photos tend to show him as black and white, he's definitely grey and not black. I wanted to try and match his colouring so here are my "Fizzy Cat" nails. I didn't realise that my collection only holds a few greys. I must remedy that! So here is what I came up with to colour match to him.
I've used Ulta3 Lily White for the base and sponged with Face of Australia Party at the Gap from the Barbados collection.
I actually think it worked really well! I didn't want standard gradient lines as his fur isn't defined by straight lines but I liked it and thought I matched pretty well! YAY!


  1. Cute kitteh! I like the matching nailz SC :)

  2. Oh your kitty is beautiful - he reminds me of a much loved kitty of mine who lived for more than 20 years - I wish him as long a life and you as much happiness as we shared.

  3. Oh he is so cute Sarah! Your mani matches him perfect!

  4. Your cat is super cute! The last photo makes me giggle, like he's thinking, "human, what are you doing?" "just stay still while I take a picture of my hand on you..."


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