Monday, July 29, 2013

... piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 ...

... piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 ...
Celebrating the Year of the Blogger

Woohoo! I may have vanished temporarily but I had to come back to celebrate the piCture pOlish Blog Fest especially with this time being Year of the Blogger!! *throws confetti in the air* YAY!! I had such fun last year so I knew this year would be great too.

When piCture pOlish said this year it was a nail art challenge they weren't wrong! Challenge is the key word here! We were given 3 polishes and told to put nail art together. So I got my thinking cap on and eventually came up with this.

Last week, like many others I saw this post by Nailz Craze. It looks so simple and easy and had many of us thinking "why didn't someone mention this years ago"! While I totally love the idea, I'm not sure if clumsy me can work holding the stamper so it doesn't roll away but it really got me thinking ... "how can I do multiple designs at once"??

I'm just going to refer to it as "reverse stamping" from here in (since instead of doing polish and stamp, you are doing stamp and then polish!) and if someone else has already covered this in detail (or if it has a better name), please let me know as I'd love to give you some credit!!!

So let's get to it! To create this funky cupcake look, you first need some polishes!!

I'm using ...
* piCture pOlish - Frosting by Cosmetic Cupcake
* piCture pOlish - Beige
* piCture pOlish - Candy

You also will need ...
* a black polish [I'm using piCture pOlish black]
* a stamping plate of your choice [I'm using Cheeky Jumbo Plate 7 - Home Sweet Home]
* a stamper and scraper [I prefer a konad double stamper and an old iTunes card]
* a small nail art brush or dotting tool
* a clear top coat
* baking paper [I've been told baking paper is the same thing as parchment paper, cooking paper, bakery paper and wax paper. Hopefully one of those terms is familar to you!]
* and patience!!!! Lots and lots of patience! 

Step 1 -  Tear off a section of baking paper and use the top coat to paint squares anywhere on the paper and wait for them to dry.

Step 2- Choose your stamping design and stamp it directly on the clear squares you painted earlier. [If you can't see where they were, just hold the paper up to the light!]. Then, wait for it to dry.

Step 3 - Grab your colours and decide which part of the stamp you wish to paint first. Unlike regular painting, you want whatever colour on top first. Not the bottom first!! So in this case, Candy for the cupcake liner and the cherry! Dab on your polish instead of using brush strokes. If you don't have a brush, a dotting tool will work the same. Fully paint over the area, including the design. When finished, again wait for it to dry.

Step 4 - Dab the next colour on. I'm using Frosting as it seemed appropriate! Mmmmmmm frosting *homer simpson drool*. Wait til dry again.

Step 5 - Cut out your design! As I only want the cupcake, I'll further trim this to remove the excess stamping before using.

Step 6 - Prepare you nails ready to be cupcaked!  I've painted 2 in Beige and 2 in Frosting.

Step 7 - Carefully peel your polish stamping from the paper. Because of the top coat, this just lifts right off! Then FLIP IT OVER!! The stamping design is right there in all it's glory, with the pretty colours behind it.

Step 8 - Check your polish! If it's still tacky then place the cupcake straight on top! If you polish is dry, add a thin layer of topcoat before placing! Because I have small nails, I've put them slightly on a slant so they fit! Also unlike decals, it does not matter if part of the design hangs over the side of your nail. The entire design is nail polish so we will remove the excess in the next step!

Step 9 - Dip a clean up brush in acetone and run it around the edge of your nail to remove the excess design. It will simply vanish before your eyes. Awesome.

Step 10 - As you flipped the design over, it should be nice and smooth as there is already a top coat holding it on as the new top. If you have loose sections or for piece of mind, just add another coat of clear top coat.

Step 11 - Add more cupcakes!!!  These little ones are from the same stamping plate and I've painted their cute faces in beige and the bottom in candy!

So there you go! While this is time consuming with waiting for polish to dry, you can make your designs a far way in advance. I've personally found polish starts peeling off the baking paper after 3-4 weeks and then it becomes more fragile to store but it's still usable.  I'll definately be reverse stamping again in the future!

You can find piCture pOlish online, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Pinterest, on YouTube and on Google+

Also, check out their Shipping, Network and Everyday Deals page to find out the best way to get your hands on some pretty polishes! You know you want too!

Polishes were provided for review but all opinions, Aussie humour and dodgy photography are my own!

Want to see more? Check out instagram using the hashtag #ppblogfest2013 or hit the links below. Enjoy!!


  1. Awesome I wondered how coloured in stamps worked :)

    1. I've tried it the other way many times and failed miserably! This was so easy :)

  2. OMG this is Genius!!!! So cute and an awesome idea!!!!

  3. Great use of your PP shades, this is so cute :)

  4. This is so clever, and your nails look delish!! :)

  5. Fantastic idea, using frosting as frosting is genius!

    1. LOL! I'm sure you'd appreciate that while Frosting is a beautiful polish, it's a very big challenge to use creatively for nail art purposes. Glad it worked out :)

  6. Wow this turned out so fab! Such a cute mani! Works so perfectly with Frosting!

  7. Neato! I what a really smart idea! Really interesting seeing more options and ways to utilize stamping nail art! I love this blogging community! :) Great job!

  8. Super cute idea Sarah! I love how it turned out!

  9. WOW! Such a smart way to use all of these shades! Great work =)

  10. Holy crap, this is a crazy awesome idea!!! I love love looooove it!

  11. Awesome technique, I've got to try it!
    Amazing mani, Frosting is perfect for this design :D

  12. Genius! This mani is amazing!

  13. Best tutorial of PPBF2013 hands down...soooo awesome!

  14. Sooo cute and yummy looking! Love the look at the tutorial :)

  15. THANK YOU for showing how to do this :)
    Yes I had seen it somewhere before but forgot all about it :) It will come in handy for me soon I think :)
    LOVE this manicure and love the colors you used :)
    You just got yourself a new subbie :)

  16. This is so frigging cool! I will probably never be bothered to do it since I am the laziest nail blogger in the land, but I might consider it!

  17. Hi! Excuse me for any mistakes in this post, I'm French. ;) Yum, your nail art makes you hungry! It is very very cute, cupcakes, I love it! I love pink too, so suddenly, that you did please me more. It's original, bravo!
    Good luck for your blog,


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