Friday, January 13, 2012

... Modelista Flash Nails - On Location Berlin with stamping ...

A quickie for you today! I got some Mash plates in a swap just before Christmas and finally had time to sit down and look [and try!] them out. Hoorah!! Thanks Jeanie for getting me these!
This is yesterdays mani of Modelista - On Location Berlin and I've used my favourite stamping polish [Face of Australia in White Gold] and plate Mash 10. I'm quite impressed so far - zero problems with this particular design. Definitely works a lot better than my dodgy Bundle Monster plates.


  1. Thanks mate - really liked this design. Here's hoping the other designs on the Mash plates turn out as good :)

  2. This is so pretty! I love it-have this set of plates and they rock!

  3. Love the look of that mani & because I don't want to spam you with comments (I'm a million years behind with google reader.) If you have more Modelista polishes at your target, you may want to pick them up soon rather than later. If Melb's targets are anything to go by I think Target must have been clearing out the entire brand. For the later part of last year all there stuff was on clearance, you might find the odd bottle in a clearance bin here but there is not much around me these days.

  4. My hubby bought these plates for me for christmas but haven't tried them yet! Now I can't wait!!!

  5. These are really cool. I haven't used anything like this before. But i am thinking of try the Sally Hansen ones.

  6. Hello:)

    This design looks very nice:) I never used stampling! :)

    Have a nice day ^-^


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