Wednesday, January 11, 2012

... Ozotic 619 ...

Happy 2012 readers!! I seem to have picked up a few more newbies over the Christmas break so welcome!

I've been off on vacation with the family for majority of the year so far and finding myself still in holiday mode and struggling to get off my butt and actually photo my nails lately - whoops. Anyhoo - we took the kiddiewinks camping for 9 days which was a bit of an adventure. My nails were neglected big time and I only got the polish out once while we were there.

I have a few "blog goals" for 2012 which I'll post about another day - hopefully that'll keep me on track!

Ozotic 619
Purchased from LeBeauty - $13.50 AUD
So ... too kick off 2012 I bring you this Aussie beauty! Ozotic 619! This girl has been worn a lot by me as it's a beautiful holographic that isn't in your face or bossy about it's wonderful goodness!

It's a beautiful red with hints of brown and pink - although the Le Beauty site describes it as scarlet? I'm not sure I'd go that far but it's definitely a unique colour that is hard to describe. Red Earth maybe? Hmmm I'll get back to you on that.

This is 3 coats as the polish is quite sheer but you could easily solve that by putting a nude on first if you are worried about running out of polish. The scattered holo really likes sunlight rather than artifical light but I still really like it.
Ooh sparkle sparkle
** Final Verdict **
Beautiful scattered holographic polish in a gorgeous colour that's easy to apply aswell as easy on the eye. I had some fantastic wear from this polish in the past aswell which is a bonus as there is nothing worse that a pretty holo that likes to chip.

Oh and for the non-Aussies ... I've only ever seen 619 available at Le Beauty and sorry girls but they don't ship overseas.


  1. 619 is such a pretty colour. Definitely pink and brown, so red earth sounds good! So glad to have got it from Le Beauty. I'm surprised that Picture Polish never got this in stock.

    BTW - I'm super impressed you managed to even paint your nails at all whilst camping!

  2. This is such a beautiful polish

    Hope your camping trip was a blast

  3. Def not scarlet but still looks lovely on you!

  4. Thanks guys - I'll try and throw up some camping photos next post. It's definitely not what I remember it being like

  5. So pretty and unique! The holo effect is amazing!!!

  6. This is really pretty, I love the holo effect in it!

  7. wow, it's super sparkly! pretty!!!!

  8. This is SOOO pretty!


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