Monday, April 23, 2012

... Face of Australia Barbados - Another Daiquiri Please ...

Face of Australia Barbados - Another Daiquiri Please
Available from Big W, Kmart and Priceline
Who doesn't want another Daiquiri? If that's not you then feel free to send it my way!! Frozen Daiquiri are essential in my freezer during the warmer months!!  Another Daiquiri Please is a fierce red with a beautiful golden and red shimmer.

Now I say "red" but honestly it does depend on your lighting to whether you get a red or a dark pink. It's definitely not as neon as Bright Lights Pink City but it's still very bright and not a dull colour at all. I'd actually consider this one to be more of a jelly than a metallic or foil.

Like all the other Barbados colours it's quick drying with no lumps or bumps. Also it's very smooth and again removal is painless. There is a very visible nail line though.

I will say this though as compared to the other polishes in the series. This one really smells. I thought it was just mean until I took my kiddies to school and had a 5 year old in one of the classroom yell "Something smells like nail polish". That's extra bad considering I painted them a few hours before hand. It definitely wasn't noticable while painting ... but the smell just hung around and then lingered a bit longer like an unwanted houseguest.
** Final Verdict **
The bottle colour is so pretty but I'm not sure that this is a colour that suits me. Shame really as it is so beautiful. Also the smell ... that's what's put me off on this. There is nothing worse than being shamed as having smelly polish ... especially by honest children. I'd love to hear if anyone else has this particular colour to see if theirs smells too - or if I just have a dud!


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