Friday, April 20, 2012

... Face of Australia Barbados - Calypso Gold ...

Face of Australia - Barbados - Calypso Gold
Purchased from Big W [they have $3 off any Face of Australia cosmetic product at the moment ... so seriously run down there now if you want these cheap!!]
Miss me? I've missed me too! Between school holidays, Easter and having the immune system of a granny and picking up every bug that's walked past my house I have had zero time to paint my nails and sadder still is the fact I haven't wanted too ... I guess that's how you could tell I was unwell!

Over the next few days I'm hoping to review the entire range of Face of Australia Barbados polishes. I have high hopes for them as last years Molten Metallics range still is my most used. I love it that much. So let's get too it!
♫ Sunshine ♫
♫ On my window ♫ 
♫ Makes me happy ♫
♫ Like I should be ♫

I so loved that song when I was 17 ... sure that's not the Barbados Calypso but that's what I kept thinking of while doing this swatch ... showing my age there!! Like sunshine "Calypso Gold" is what I would describe a bright white gold. It's not white ... it's not gold and it's not what I'd put as cream but it definitely has the magic touch and some beautiful sparkle going on.

This is 3 coats and this polish had some super quick drying time going on. I mean wow! Didn't need to whip out the Seche Vite or anything. As it is a foil/metallic look you will need some ridge filler if you have imperfections you want to hide as they do show up unfortunately. The only thing I didn't particularly like is that I had some bumps appear on 2 fingers but I'm hoping that's more to do with my application rather than the polish itself.
** Final Verdict **
Easy to apply, fast drying time and for the current Big W price well worth a look.  Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with another FoA beauty :)


  1. Thanks for this! I'm not sure why I requested swatches when there aren't any convenient Big Ws near me... this is torture!

  2. Man, these are so cool but always sold out whenever I visit the FOA display! At least you got your hands on them. I've live through you.

  3. I wish my Big W had these :( Can't wait to see the rest.
    btw I love that song, but I was 27 when it came out. Now who's showing her age :P

  4. I've seen this line at Priceline also. I looked at them but didn't get any. After you've done swatches I might have to reconsider!


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