Tuesday, May 15, 2012

... piCture pOlish - Goldfinger ...

piCture pOlish - Goldfinger
Purchased from piCture pOlish - $9.50 AUD

I won't lie. I'm a Bond groupie ... I've seen every movie [and own most on DVD] ... I'm also in that rare breed who thinks that Roger Moore was the best Bond *ducks for cover*  Even if you haven't seen this movie the odds are you've seen a parody or something from it.

The piCture pOlish tag line is "you can be a bond girl too" - although I'm not sure how many of you want to be the Bond Girls in this film. One dies after being sprayed in gold and the other is called Pussy Galore *insert immature giggle here*
"Auric Goldfinger.
Sounds like a French nail varnish!"

I was so excited to get this - mainly because of that swatch that appeared on the piCture pOlish homepage for so long that made it look so beautifully awesome but it's taken me forever to blog about it and I had to go dig out these forgotten photos off my memory card as I wanted to compare it to something else [thankfully my nails are no longer like this and I like to think my swatching has improved!!!]

This is 3 coats of Goldfinger and I really love the colour as it looks like you are wearing a foil rather than looking like a metallic which I love. But I'll be honest - I was really disappointed by this polish. It streaks, it doesn't dry fast, it's sheer and it applies unevenly with bald spots everywhere. I've tried twice now to love this polish but both times I'm getting the same results.

Surprisingly the photos don't show the streaks so bad but as soon as I took this it smudged beyond recognition *sad*. I was hoping to stamp on top but that's not going to happen.
** Final Verdict **
This is a really beautiful colour but the application really doesn't help to give it justice which is such a shame. I wouldn't put it top of my list of polishes to buy from piCture pOlish ... but ... I'm hoping to fix this polish at some stage in the future ! *grabs the franken gloves*

I'll leave you with a random fact about me ... I always sing the "Max Power" song from the Simpsons everytime I hear the Goldfinger tune throughout the movie!!


  1. Roger Moore was THE bomb. All others never came close.......except maybe Daniel Craig.

  2. LOL I raised my son on Bond movies and whenever we watched Goldfinger for the rest of the day I would randomly sing in the most obnoxious Shirly Bassey voice Goooooooolllldfingaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah and we would crack up laughing.. hes 21 and I still do it and we giggle. oh and team Connery thank you very much :P

  3. The colour is so pretty! Pity the application doesn't match up


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