Friday, November 2, 2012

... Ozotic 914 Scatter Chrome ...

Ozotic 914 Scatter Chrome
Available from piCture pOlish - $12.00 AUD and other network members

These pretties seem to be talked about a lot on my feed since their release so I'm so happy to have my hands on one!! I'm bringing you this beauty today - Ozotic 914 which is one of the new scatter chromes. As the name suggests "Scatter Chrome" is part scatter holographic and part duochrome or in other words "it's AWESOME".

914 shifts from blue to a violet purple and the holographic appears in sunlight as an extra bonus to drool over. I've given this my best shot but my camera refused to capture the true beauty of the purple but I hope you get an idea regardless.

All my swatch shots are 3 coats and like every other Ozotic I own, there are no bumps, lumps or unsightly bits. Real life friends you need to get this!! You don't need any special base coat [or top coat] and you don't need to wait forever for it dry. Really simple stuff!
The shift starts off with a pretty blue ..
Holo in the sun!!!
Slowly changes towards the dark side
But it's still holo!!
Darker ... darker ...
Super Vibrant PURPLE!!!

** Final Verdict **
I love this - it's pretty, it's holo and it changes colour. What more can you want?? There are a lot more pretty purple combinations that it throws at you but I just couldn't get my camera to pick them up. I definitely have no complaints with this beauty!!

Polishes were provided for review but all opinions, humour and dodgy photography are my own!


  1. Awesome pictures - need this in my life, NEED!

  2. Great pics showing both the color shift and the holo goodness.


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