Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"This is Halloween" Nail Art - FINAL DAY!!!!

Hoorah! I made it to the end! Sure I missed a few days [whoops] but for me I'm quite pleased with myself.

Kinda embarrassed to put this up as it's definitely not what I imagined but you win some, you lose some!  Todays task is to recreate a favourite from the challenge. I chose this manicure from Cathy at More Nail Polish which looked fantastic!! I thought I could pull it off but hey ... can't compete with the master!

Instead of Kleancolor Metallic Orange I used Chemistry 523 [like Ozotic 523] and lets just say I killed it with the black! The blacks I chose weren't up to the task and my stamping sucked!! While it didn't look too bad from a distance, this macro shot does it no favours. Meh!
I'll chalk it up to experience and bring you something great tomorrow for the beginning of a new month!!

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  1. Yay you chose one of mine. Master - ROFL. I think you did an awesome job, I like how your bats almost seem smokey.

  2. @Arletta - Thanks mate

    @Kitties26 - Knew you'd like that!! Yeah they do look smokey ... if I'd toned it down on the bottom black tip I may have pulled it off a bit better! Lesson to learn for next time :D


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