Monday, February 11, 2013

... Aussie Nail Monday - Food ... [or 7 days 7 ways - day 1]

So it's Monday again!! Todays theme is food!!  Mmmmmmmm food!!!

Here's my take on smarties! Mmmmm. Cheating????
How about M&Ms???
Oh ok  ... here's a cupcake! [Made using Essie Jamaica Me Crazy and Aruba Blue and using this tutorial]

Obviously I'm looking rather blue today and I'll explain why. One of the most common blog questions I'm asked is about the "7 days in 7 ways" series that I've done in the past and wanting to know if I'd attempt it again. My most popular posts are from these series so I really wanted to give it another bash.

Over the weekend my wonderful and beautiful friend Margie kindly did my nails [aren't they pretty!!] with gels. I've been asked about gels a lot in recent months and I really wanted to try just so I had my own formed opinion on them. While I've had gels and acrylics in the past and hated them from the minute they hit my fingers ... this is different. It just feels like polish, super smooth polish!!   These hit my fingers Friday night and they are still looking pretty damn awesome.

This colour is Bermuda Blue and it's from the Luminail range. It's a very beautiful sparkly jelly. Loving it! So we'll see how we go trying to pull 7 different combos out of one base! Wish me luck!!!

Before you go ... check out some other Aussie Nails with a food theme!!


  1. Awww the little M&M's are adorable <3

  2. Ooh, those m&ms are so cute! And they look super easy to do. I might have to borrow that idea soon!


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