Monday, February 25, 2013

... Aussie Nails Monday - Favourite Brand featuring Pretty Serious Golden Ticket ...

And another Monday rolls on around! Todays theme is favourite brand. Yeah right - like I can narrow it down to one!!! Pffttt!

So I've simply gone for my favourite Australian Indie ... which is still a tough choice but there is only one brand that I've loved every polish that's come my way and that's Pretty Serious.

Recently this pretty came to visit my place ...
OMG!!!!!!! GOLDEN TICKET!!!!!!! *inserts squeals of delight here*

The beautiful Kristy over at The Polish Haven kindly let me do a mani from her precious super dooper limited bottle and I thank her so much as it really is gorgeous.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not a huge glitter fan. I've tried to like it but have found that there are only a few that I love ... this is one of them! How can you not love that pretty gold colour!!
One of my big pet peeves with glitter polishes generally is making them smooth. I'm a picker and if my polish isn't smooth then I'll be there picking at it - I know it's naughty but can't help it!! Golden Ticket is not one of those at all. I was really quite impressed!
I dunno what to say that hasn't already been said - this polish simply is divine and I'd be encouraging you to buy if it was in stores! To those lucky 10 people who have original bottles! I'm totally jealous of you!

Also - speaking of Pretty Serious ... have you entered the Pretty Serious giveaway?? Just click on the pic on the right hand side to enter via rafflecopter!! ENDS THIS WEEK!!!! 

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