Friday, January 24, 2014

.... Australia Nails ...

Really quick one for you today! I've just wanted to do something simple in green and gold and I thought I would just write the word Australia. Yesterday I received Illamasqua Omen in the post as a part of my present from the tooth fairy for having my wisdom teeeth recently removed and it looked devine so I had to muster up enough energy to use it straight away!

The yellow "Australia" is just acrylic paint but I think it's quite effective! It also makes me wonder why I didn't jump over to using paint years ago for this type of stuff! Lesson learnt!

Oh and Omen is a part of the Illamasqua UV range. Under UV light it goes this awesome yellow glowy colour! Fantastic!!

Now if you want to see more Australia nails in time for Australia Day! Check out the links below or #anausday on Instagram

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