Wednesday, January 1, 2014

... Shatter Me Claire in Twenty Fourteen ...

Excuse the out of character post if you are reading the full page but I wanted to transfer over my goals for this year so that I can have a look back on them in December and realise that I haven't done any of them!

This year I'd love to be able to say I've done the following at some stage!

* Blogged 52 times (that works out to once a week! Totally doable! Go Team!)
* Have an up to date stash list

* Have an up to date stash list of stamping plates!
* Sorted out my Wheel of Holo page and keep my holo swatch sticks up to date
* Have 12 "Things I love" posts
* Keep to only 2 Helmers

* Keep helmer areas tidy!
* Have a massive blogsale!

* Sort out an area for my salon items
* Master how to sculpt beautiful stiletto nails
* Figure out how to use Arabella Forms

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