Monday, March 17, 2014

... AN Monday - St Patricks Day ...

Happy St Patricks Day people! And I'm definitely glad I gave AN Monday a go this week as I don't think I've managed to actually do a St Pattys Day mani since I've started blogging and I really wanted to fix that!

Long term followers will know that I have a bit of a warped sense of humour and when I was flicking through my stamping plates to find something suitable for today, I came across something that I just had to use!

Ah Patrick Star, you legend! Patrick is from the Fun11 plate from FabUrNails which is seriously fast becoming my favourite stamping plate because of all the awesomeness that it seems to include! So many fantastic characters! The 4 leaf clovers are from the Mash18 plate.

All the polishes used today are from the fab range over at Ulta3. The base colour is Emerald Inten-City and the glitter is appropriately Luck Of The Irish. Patrick is made from Strawberry Sundae, Sizzling Red, Jelly and Purple Pumps. I've also used Lily White and Black Satin for the stamping.

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