Thursday, May 29, 2014

... Mario and Boo ...

It's not often I'll tackle a theme twice but I had so much fun with the AIPAS "Revenge of the Nerds" theme this week I wanted to do another. I really do love Boo from the Mario series. He does get forgotten about a bit behind all the other villain characters but I'm glad I had a chance to feature him.

The base for this mani is Pretty Serious Creature Crush which I guess is appropriate! It's an extremely pretty dark blue with black and silver glitter. I really like how the larger hex pieces are not overwhelming if you are like me and not a huge glitter fan. Sadly it's being discontinued so if this looks like a polish you need in your life, run over now to Pretty Serious and grab your bottle!

Boo is from the ever loved FUN3 stamping plate while Mario is from MoYou London - Back to the 90s 01. Both have been filled in using acrylic paint. Marios overalls got a tad smudged when placing the reverse stamping which is due to my impatience in not letting the paint dry! But who can blame me when this looks so good!

I've got big things planned for the 1st of June so I hope you pop back then to check it out!!


  1. This is so cute and the base color was the perfect choice!

    1. Thanks @Nail Art Weekly :) I thought they worked really well :)


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