Thursday, May 1, 2014

... Untried May ** Celestial Cosmetics - Sun Kissed ...

I have this gorgeous beauty to show you today. The weather here has definitely turned to gloomy autumn now and I really got lucky taking these shots in the one bit of sun that managed to shine on through!

This is Sun Kissed by Celestial Cosmetics and it's a real beauty. I'm so glad that I pulled this one out of the box to try first. This is 2 coats of pure holo droolness! It's a fantastic colour that I thought worked really well with my skintone. There needs to be more orange in the world!

The holo in Sun Kissed is what I've come to expect from Celestial. Instant! BAM! All these shots are taken in full natural sunlight which is always the way to go but you definitely won't be disappointed in the shade. It's a gorgeous colour.

Sadly I only own 5 orange holo polishes (note to self - remedy that!) and Sun Kissed is nowhere near the same shade as any of the others. While the Celestial website doesn't ship worldwide, if you drop the owner Nicki a line I'm sure she will be able to help you acquire these pretties via her stockists.

Also I'm trying something different and devoting the whole month to untrieds in my pile, and pile is probably putting it midly. After realising that probably close to 50% of my stash and overflow collection is untried, things have to change!! So I've started something called "Untried May" both here on blogger and on IG. I know that I'm not the only one in this boat and let's face it, I love inspiration and motivation from others. So jump on board! There is plenty of room and hopefully we can all make a dent into our pile!



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