Friday, November 18, 2011

... Chemistry 515 ...

Chemistry 515
Available from Essential Beauty / Essential Distribution - $12.35 AUD
The weather has been really warming up here so I've been trying to take advantage of the sunlight and pull out the holos!

This is Chemistry 515 and for those not in the know - this is the exact same as Ozotic 515 but just cheaper.  Chemistry polishes come out of this funky little warehouse [and I mean little] but there is like a whole WALL of this series. Unfortunately being a warehouse it is often hit and miss to what they have in stock.

Chemistry 515 is a linear blue holo and it's extremely pretty [find me a linear that isn't!]. As with all the Chemistry line it dries fast and it's not a tricky polish to work with at all - bonus. I actually really like this colour blue ... it's not light and it's not dark ... just a nice vibrant blue.
Inside looking pretty.
Pretty holo - clickity for more to drool over
** Final Verdict **
This is a gorgeous polish with a fantastic holo. If you are in Australia then check out the Chemistry brand of polishes - and if you are in Adelaide get your butt to the warehouse pronto!! They are extremely nice and you are guaranteed to walk out with a stack of goodies!


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