Wednesday, November 2, 2011

... No Nails today - just the Giveaway WINNER ....

Ooooh ... exciting!!!! My prediction for Halloween was correct - a big fat ZERO trick or treaters! Their loss - I had a nice packet of chocolates waiting ... oh well. Into my tummy they'll go!
So the pumpkin cost giveaway - thank you everyone who entered! I wanted to do something outside the box for a giveaway and I want to thank everyone for being so accepting of something different.

Here in Australia, pumpkins are sold generally via the kilo so here is the weight and price per kilo shot.
So $3.98 x 6.215kg = $24.74 [or $24.75 rounded up as Aussies have 5c as their lowest coin value]

And the winner is ......
Vicki.Lowe with her guess of $25 even
As promised the prize is 3 of my favourite polishes - Inglot 202, Chi Chi Moondust [the rare blue one! Woo!] and Glitter Gal Suede. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Oh ... and the pumpkin? Well it turned into this - RAWR! We found it was even more impressive if you dump a whole lot of sparklers in and sparks shoot out the mouth! The kids had fun with it anyway and that's the main thing.


  1. *throws glitter & confetti* congrats to the winner! Those prizes are amazing! But wow that's an expensive pumpkin @.@

  2. Congrats to the winner! Your design on the pumpkin looks really awesome


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