Thursday, November 24, 2011

... Silver Holo Comparisons ...

I've got a bit of a different post today. I was involved in a conversation regarding basecoats for holographic polishes and which is best.  I've only got 2 out of the many that are out there but hey - gotta start somewhere!
So here is NfuOh Aqua Base and the LA Colors Hardener/Strengthener that I was lucky enough to receive in a swap recently and that I've heard it been raved about being awesome under holos.

I've dug out my stash of silver holos to compare it against as I'm sure all polishes have different formulas to compare. Hopefully this way we'll be able to see some difference!
To play with today I have NfuOh 61,  China Glaze OMG, Glitter Gal Silver, Ozotic 509 and my latest beauty Make Up Store Greta. If you click to make this photo larger you'll notice the Ozotic and Glitter Gal are more prone to holo without direct sunlight shining on the bottles. Oooh pretty!

All photos are of 3 coats of each colour with no colour underneath. Just the bases. I'll start with the Aqua Base ... and apologise for the gross thumb if it appears in any shots [I got into a fight with the garden!]

And cos I'm silly and didn't photo those silver polishes in the correct order here we go again so you know
Thumb - Glitter Gal, then left to right Ozotic, NfuOh, Make Up Store, China Glaze
Indoors under artificial light
Outdoors in natural sunlight

Now for the LA Colors Hardener/Strengthener. Again the order of polishes are Thumb - Glitter Gal, then left to right Ozotic, NfuOh, Make Up Store, China Glaze

Outdoors in natural sunlight
** Final Verdict **
You can see for yourself in the photos if you decide there is any difference between bases. Up close - honestly I didn't notice any difference on the polishes except with NfuOh using the LA Colors base which got a bit of a powdery look and feel to it.

In regards to the actual polishes the Ozotic and Glitter Gal show up the holo fantastically even in little light but they are super sheer compared to the other 3. They are also 100% smooth when applied which the other 3 don't seem to have.

The NfuOh and Make Up Store polishes are definitely more silver than the other 3 and under sunlight show the holo in all it's glory but both polishes are frankly a pain in the butt to work with regardless of which of these 2 bases you choose. They both show bald spots, they both don't like having too much or too little polish on your brush and they both like to make life difficult. The results are definitely worth it but the effort required means that I definitely won't be using it frequently. They also don't like to be super holo unless you are out in full sun.

And the China Glaze just sits right between these 2 groups. It's not sheer and not picky but it's definitely lovable in it's own right.

Hopefully tomorrow the sun will be out again and I'll give you the same polishes with a regular base coat so you can see if these base coats make any difference whatsoever.


  1. Love 509!!!

    The MakeUpStore aqua base makes finniky holos superb to work with ;-)

  2. If you ever want to get rid of CG OMG, let me know lol. I want that one so freaking bad!

  3. Fantastic! I have yet to use a proper aqua base with a holo. Personally I find that using a layer of something like CND Sticky or Orly Bonder under the holo and then another layer of base and another layer of holo works best. Holo sandwich! I have heard really good things about the makeupstore base though ;)

  4. I have awarded you the Versatile blogger award, and you can claim it on my blog if you like :]

  5. Thanks for this. I've been wondering how these two compare. I have the LA Colors one but wondered if I should get the NfuOh aqua base. Have you ever tried using a Matte top coat as a base for holos? I've heard that works too but never tried it yet.


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