Wednesday, August 22, 2012

... BYS Magnetic Mars and Magnetic Comet ...

BYS Magnetic Mars and Magnetic Comet
Available from Fashion Addict - $6.95 AUD
Howdy readers! The camera is back to normal, the swatching mojo is increasing now that winter is coming to an end and I'm back! I have these beauties to show off to you today. These are the new BYS Magnetics. I'm sure the overseas girls are looking at this and thinking "been there - done that" but the magnet scene has only just started here in Australia and I'm quite excited!!

The 2 pretties I have to show you today are Magnetic Mars [purple] and Magnetic Comet [silver] and I was rather impressed. Both were really easy to use with quick drying time!

Now apart from coming in cool designs like waves and stripes - I really like is the fact the magnets are on the lids! Hurrah!! No more buying magnets separately and then losing them before you get home. This is a great idea!
Magnetic Mars is a beautiful purple and I chose to use the diagonal stripe it came with. I had many compliments on this from the people I see in real life daily as it was so striking.

Now I really loved Magnetic Comet. It's so shiny! The magnetic effect didn't show as obvious as the Magnetic Mars but I loved it. It was like a hidden surprise! This came with the wave magnet but it's definitely one that you can play with to make different designs since 2 of my fingers just look like curved horizontal lines [which I like! It works great with the curve of your nail!]
** Final Verdict **
Simple and easy to use. Fast dry time and surprisingly none of the old school BYS smell that we have all become used too. I love that you don't have to purchase the magnet separately and you will never loose it! Well worth a look and won't break the budget!

Oh and I made a YouTube tutorial on this! Hope it helps to show you how easy it is to make these designs.

** These polishes were supplied for review **


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