Thursday, August 2, 2012

... NYC Color - Red Slippers ...

NYC Color - Red Slippers
Available from Woolworths and Big W
Apologies for the lateness of this post. I've been having all sorts of unfun Blogger issues :( Hopefully it'll play nice now and upload my photos and posts!! I will try and make up for it later in the week. I've joined a few Aussies in presenting Australian polishes this week. I haven't forgotten my Rimmel series and I will resume that shortly.
Anyway this is NYC Color in Red Slippers. NYC Color is totally different from the US NYC brand but it is the same as the other Aussie brand Ulta3 [this colour is know as English Rose under the Ulta3 banner]

While it's a beautiful red ... I find it doesn't suit my skin at all which is a shame.

I've used 3 coats in these swatches and it was fast drying and no issues. I know a lot of Aussies overlook the Ulta 3/NYC polishes because of the cheap price but cheap price definitely doesn't mean cheap product. Majority of the colours in the range are really nice.
In order to try and make this colour work for me I tried some stamping on it but failed miserably. I used the beautiful Lilic's plate in A01 but as you can see I stamped half the wrong way and yeah ... massive fail. Whoops!
So there you go. Beautiful colour and I honestly wished we could be more compatible as it's such a pretty red.

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  1. English Rose is my favourite red from ulta3, hands down. So pretty and jelly-ful, and works really well on my skin (lucky me!).

  2. i have a couple that are labeled NYc i honestly thought they were the usa ones!

  3. Lol I always wondered why the bottles were different. Now I know!

  4. Thanks for posting Red Slippers, I have English Rose and think it looks lovely in the bottle..will have to see how it looks on! Points for effort for the stamping? LOL.


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