Monday, July 30, 2012

... piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2012 ...

Wayhey! Happy piCture pOlish day!! I'm super excited to be a part of the many blogs this year appearing on your RSS feed showcasing some awesome Aussie products to the world!!

If you haven't heard of piCture pOlish then ... where have you been?? I'm super pleased to show off these two beauties ... "Tease" and "Attitude".
hope & desire equals curiosity!

I'm kicking off with Tease which is a part of the Mesh Range. It reminds me a lot of Jealousy from the range but in pink instead of green. The mesh part is the colour mixed with silver.
These swatches are 3 coats of Tease but you could easily get away with 2. It's fast drying and super smooth which is great considering the silver particles.
This is beautiful. It's ranking up there with my favourite polishes from piCture pOlish. I ended up wearing this for a few days and it held up quite well with no chips just slight tip wear.

Tease on the nails definitely looks a lot better than tease on the hair!! Do not try this at home! Trust me! No matter how many drinks we've had - it's not a good idea! Walk away from the comb!
[Proving yet again why I am not a beauty blogger!]

Oh and a funky bottle shot. This shows the beautiful mesh of silver and pink. Honestly it's really beautiful.
And onto polish #2 ...
cause every girl needs some!

Attitude is from the new Collaboration Shades collection and it was designed by Kim from Overall Beauty. Overall Beauty is one of the USA network members who help spread piCture pOlish love across the USA.

"Attitude" is definitely that - a polish with attitude!! It is a beautiful purple with super micro holo bits. I've used 3 coats in these swatches. I found it didn't dry as quick as Tease but a quick dry top coat will sort that out for you!
Snazzy blurry macro to show you all those little holo wonders that are hiding in this beauty!
To finish ... I must award it with the dodgy oversized Oscar ShatterMeClaire Award for being exactly like a celebrity ... extraordinary beautiful but difficult to work with in front of the camera!! I really hope that I've managed to catch it's beauty as purples deserve to be purple - not blue!

Both these shades are available to buy from piCture pOlish. For overseas readers outside of Australia, "Tease" is available from all Network members and "Attitude" is only available from Overall Beauty.

Oh and cos I was curious to see what both shades would look like together ...have some rocking stripes.
I really do like the fact that piCture pOlish puts QR codes on their bottles. I wish more polishes had these as if you are like me ... then you do not have a Masters Degree in Google Fu. It's really easy to use. Simply scan it with any smart device with a QR reader and bam - straight to their webpage!

piCture pOlish are also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest if you want to follow them and have your feed full of Australian lovelies regularly!

* Both these polishes were provided from piCture pOlish for Blog Fest 2012 and all opinions, Aussie humour, dodgy puns and bad hair are purely my own!!


  1. These are so pretty!
    And you are adorable as always! <3

    They both suit you :P jk haha!

  2. hahahaha! Love your humour SC! Awesome swatches!

  3. They look great on you! I already knew I need to buy Tease but arrrgggh, adds Attitude to shopping list

  4. rofl I love your hair. Looks like me in the morning :P
    Those colours look great striped together. Both on my wishlist now :)

  5. HAHA love the hair ;) Awesome swatches!

  6. @Sarah E - Love you :)

    @Kelz86 - Cheers mate

    @Kristy - I've got to stop looking at blogs as my wishlist is going up and up and up!!

    @Debbie - Thanks mate

    @Rebecca - Stripes are awesome! You won't regret owning either :)

    @Em - HA HA HA. Thanks girl

  7. Thanks for the great swatches, but the photo of you is what made my day!

  8. Aww you're so cute, Sarah! Love the hair lol. Great swatches!

  9. Gorgeous!! I love that you put the 2 of them together, they are both awesome! Love the teased hair shot...ROFL!!

  10. @Kitties26 - HA HA HA. Glad to have been of service *tips hat*

    @Glam Polish - Me too :)

    @Nicole - Awwww thanks mate

    @Peita - Thought I'd go for the double whamy! Lucky Tease is such a strong colour to go over the top. That's what I love about the mesh shades that I already have - they are so handy to bring something extra to your mani.

  11. Beeyoootiful swatches! I love Tease, but it's so similar to Dorothy!

    I also love Attitude (who doesn't?) but I agree, it kept turning blue under my camera, I think your award is very apt! ;)

    Love the stripes too, great job!

  12. @The Made Up Maiden - I'm glad someone else had issues with it!! It's beautiful in real life ... but just camera shy!

  13. I love this event! Thank you for sharing this with us Sass <3
    Too bad some of these shades will be very hard to get (I can send you the ones from European shops if you don't already have them)

  14. i want Attitude sooooo badly xx

  15. Great colours! I really love Attitude, though. My wallet is going to hate me once I buy all the awesome polishes I want from the new colours.

  16. Hahahaha hilarious! I love how the two look together... Attitude looks amazing!


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