Friday, February 15, 2013

... 7 days 7 ways - Day 5 ... Striping Tape

So Day 5 has rolled around and it's a really quick one today for you. I've done an accent nail using striping tape today and like other nail art that I've struggled with again this was super quick and easy!! If you make a mistake it's one wipe and start again! Easy!!!
It's not perfect but it beats my previous designs of pulling up the base colour!

And how are the gels holding up ... well I have some lifting on my pinky edge from where my nail meets my skin and my pointer finger on my right hand has had some slight chipping after a hard day swiping on the iPhone but apart from that we are holding up really well!


  1. I've been really enjoying your 7 days 7 ways posts. I shows people out there who think, I can't wear a gel polish a whole week, that there are so many options and ways to change your mani, but still with the same base.

  2. @Kitties26 - Cheers mate :) Personally I've been surprised on how much I've enjoyed this series. I've never worn gels before and it's really surprised me how versatile they actually are! :)


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