Monday, February 4, 2013

... Aussie Nail Monday - Color Club Kismet ...

Hello new readers! Howzit going? Sorry I've been absent but lets just say fingers + car door = no blog posts!!

Now ... back to it!!
Todays Aussie Nail Monday theme is "Bright" so I couldn't go past showing off another beautiful holographic polish!!
Bright enough for ya? *wink*  Now this stunner is "Kismet" and it's from the new Color Club Halo Hues collection.
Now I have nothing on the wheel of holo that's the exact shade but the closest I could find is FNUG Fantastica. The FNUG is more green and Kismet is more brown ... but nothing else matches! It's definitely a unique colour.

Inside it's not so "bright" but it's still a really pretty colour.
The only thing I was disappointed with is the fact it was prone to bald spots *sad* The other Halo Hue series didn't seem to have this issue and while it's easily fixed with patience and some aqua base it's worthwhile noting.

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  1. So pretty & even more so in person ;-)

  2. That looks fantastic! I've been so impressed with the CC holos!

  3. Ohhhh this looks super great on you!

  4. I didn't have any problems with bald spots. Could it be different depending on what base coat you use?

    Anyway my first thought when i saw the bottle was that the color was a bit boring, but I changed my mind very fast when it was on my nails :) Crazy rainbows. I love it.


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