Wednesday, February 20, 2013

... Nyan Cat Nails ...

I meant to showcase this for Aussie Nails Monday but rain out of time! I still wanted to show it though as I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!!

Queue music that's guaranteed to get stuck in your head ...

I found this pretty easy which is odd considering I have zero nail art skills. I mainly used a dotting tool for the rainbow, cat body, feet and head and a fine brush for the face.

The base coat is piCture pOlish Cosmos, the cat is Ulta3 Plum Violet and Face of Australia Titanium and the Rainbow is entirely Jade Diamond polishes, Scarlet, Joy, Galaxy, Twist and Velvet.

And I'll leave this as a note to myself. My gels came off super easy and while I wasn't planning to shorten by such a lot, I broke numerous nails within 24 hours of them coming off. I think I got used to the super strength the gels gave me!! Oh well ... it happens and I'm still sold by the gel system!

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