Sunday, April 21, 2013

... When acetone is not your friend - Part 4 ...

Continuing on, I found these nail stickers in my collection and I was intrigued so let's give them a whirl. They are called Kiss Nail Dress and this design is called Cocktail.

I'm pretty sure this brand is from the US but I've definitely seem them in Australia at Priceline.

These have raised dots which I thought I'd find annoying as I personally don't like it when my polish isn't smooth but I didn't find it too bad. They didn't catch as much as I thought. I found myself rubbing my finger pads over them but I didn't pick at them which is what I'd usually do with anything that isn't flat.

I won't lie. I was skeptical about these. Especially once I took them out of the packet and realised that the non-pink was clear and my natural nail will show through. You could still see my bruise but from a distance it was covered up pretty well.

The hardest part of application was getting the tip right. Because of the raised gem dots, filing is not easy. In the end I grabbed some scissors to get it super close and then filed the edge.

Pros - Pretty, Easy to remove.
Cons - Not as easy to apply as others I've included in this series, No showers! The slightest bit of water makes them lift around the sides.  Not long lasting but would be great if you are in a rush for a 24 hour period.

Depending on your nail shape this could be a pro or a con ... I found that the stickers in this pack were on the larger side width wise. I don't have the smallest nails but I used up all of the smallest stickers in the packet. Out of a packet of 28 strips I am now left with 18 that I can't use and that also means no spares. Unlike the foils that I reviewed earlier in the week, these are a lot harder to be cut into the right shape if you need them.

But ... If you found that in the past, stickers haven't covered your nails entirely (especially thumbs) then this brand will work for you.

So for now that's the end of this series but I'll be back to visit it in the next 4-8 weeks while this is still going on. If you have any tips or suggestions please let me know!

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