Monday, April 22, 2013

... piCture pOlish - Shocked ...

I'm really excited to have the opportunity to bring this exclusive to you all! Introducing Shocked ... by Shatter Me Claire ;)

IT'S PARTY TIME PEOPLE!!!   Celebrate good times c'mon!!! Oh wait ... wrong song! *changes CDs*

♫ Tell me, I'm only dreaming ... and I'll believe you! ♫ 
♫ Can't see how this could be true!! ♫

I'm sure a lot of you remember the last piCture pOlish blogfest from last July. There were so many pretties showcased that day and  I was very flattered to be given an offer to be included in their collaboration range along with so many well known bloggers who are already listed.

Photo taken in natural sunlight

Anyone who is a long time reader of my blog, knows that I love pink! Also I like things that are full of sparkle and eye catching!  Shocked is all of the above. It's very me and although I didn't physically make it, I'm glad that it turned out to be myself captured into a bottle.

Photo taken in natural sunlight

Obviously "Shocked" is a vibrant pink and it has a hidden gem of holographic glitters through out. These photos are all 3 coats of yummy goodness and like all piCture pOlish polishes, it was fast drying and lump free! Awesome! I found I had a good chip free run aswell with it which is fantastic if you don't want to change your polish every 24 hours.

Photo taken in natural sunlight

And I'm sure there will be people out there confused over the "blurb" which is ...
Rock your nails
With our Kylie

Nope - my name isn't Kylie!! But if you don't get the reference then hopefully this YouTube clip will help explain the motives behind it.

*queue dodgy 90s Australian music clip*

I chose the name "Shocked" because a] I was shocked to even be considered as a finalist and b] I wanted to name it after something Aussie. I like Kylie Minogue and while I was thinking of names, this came on the radio. Really, it worked in well because the piCture pOlish girls thought of Kylie's song Shocked aswell when I submitted the name. It was meant to be!

Photo taken indoors

As I just can't leave things alone, here it is with some pretty heart stamping taken from the Lilic's A02 plate. I thought hearts were appropriate as I love it simply just because it's so me!

Shocked is available from today [woohoo!] from piCture pOlish and other network members.  Currently it's in limited supply so if you'd like a bottle then get onto it sooner rather than later!!


  1. It looks awesome Sarah!!!! I love it. *adds to wish list*

  2. Squeeeeeeeeee! Congratulations chicky, ive just ordered my bottle :-) xx

  3. Soooo happy for you. Can wait to get this on my nails. It's such a perfect colour for you!!

  4. Congrats for this awesome polish! Can't wait to wear Shock soon =)

  5. Hmm, another polish for my wish list? I think so!


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