Tuesday, April 23, 2013

... OPI - The Impossible ...

OPI - The Impossible
Gifted but available online

Today I've got one of the OPI Liquid Sands polishes to show you. I brought this really to have my own opinion on it. I don't like textured polishes in general but I like to form my own opinions on things instead of just trusting the internet ... and I don't regret buying this one at all!

This is 3 coats without a top coat and while it was gritty it wasn't "pick at me" gritty. I've definitely worn worse glitters in the past. I was surprised on how much I liked it even though it wasn't silky smooth.

Close up of the glitter goodness. Can you see the star shapes? Hot!!! I always like the hidden surprises and any glitter that isn't the standard ol' hex is loved by me.

These polishes were a part of the Mariah Carey collection and while I'm not a huge fan of hers, I definitely am a huge fan of this colour! It's gorgeous!  Also I must say the wear on this was fantastic! I didn't have any chips or flakes from it in days except for some tip wear which is to be expected.

** Final Verdict **
This really surprised me. I was expecting to hate it since I'm a fan of things that aren't smooth but wow! I don't regret buying this at all and while I totally understand that it's not for everyone, if you want to try for yourself the liquid sand trend then get your hands on this one!


  1. Almost mani twinssss!! Except you know I topcoated it...I have smoothness problems...

    1. Yay for twins!!! :) I thought I would have too topcoat but I was surprised that I didn't hate it!!

  2. Whoops - lesson here is dont type over old draft posts ... Sorry OPI!! I know you aren't China Glaze. Please forgive me :(


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