Tuesday, May 27, 2014

... AIPAS Hulk Nails ...

Woah! Better grab a chair as 2 days in a row never happens! Shocked!

The Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society had a theme this week of "Revenge of the Nerds". Now I don't really consider myself nerdy but I have wanted to do Hulk nail art for awhile and here's my chance. I've always had a soft spot for him and for a bit of an odd reason.   Until recently my grandparents had a massive hulk fridge magnet which I presume was left behind from my Uncles when they moved out when I was really little. Anyway ... onto the pics!

Now the polish is the super beautiful Lilypad Lacquer Peita's Potion which now has the proud award of being featured on the blog more than once!! It's honestly so beautiful! The Hulk himself comes from my super favourite stamping plate FUN11 and even though I seem to use it all the time, I'm not even half way into using all the characters! I'll get there though!

The Hulk is painted using acrylic paint and his hair is actually Zoya Veruschka for a bit of extra sparkle. Not that this needed it! It's gorgeous! Today has been extremely gloomy with rain and I got so lucky that as soon as I finished painting, the sun appeared for a few precious seconds! Score!  It's not often that I get a mani looking as fab as this first time with minimal effort and then get rewarded with sunlight aswell.

To say I'm happy with this mani is an understatement. Everything just went so right and the purple worked so well with the green. Loving that green acrylic paint though *makes note to use it again*


  1. He is so cool! You've picked great colors for him as well and the decal is sharp. Great job!

    1. Thanks @Fixin To Faff :) I was really pleased with this one! And finally I found a use for that green acrylic paint!! :D

  2. Wow, what a fantastic mani! I love how you paired the big and manly hulk with the sparkliest purple ever :) I like it!!


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