Monday, October 31, 2011

... Halloween Nails ...

Really quick post today as I'm exhausted! Firstly just under 22 hours left to guess the cost of my pumpkin!! Click on the link on the right! I'd love to have a few more guesses entered :) I have carved my pumpkin but I'll wait to show it when the winner is announced!

So here are my Halloween Nails. As always I forgot to take photos when I did them so here is the end of the day tatty version [and blurry half asleep version]. As I've mentioned before Halloween is not big here - I had no trick or treaters visit and I only really did my nails today as I have been seeing so many great Halloween nails on blogger and I wanted to join the fun!
Anyway it's 2 coats of Ulta3 - Crazy with 1 coat of piCture pOlish - Popsicle over the top ... stamping was using Bundle Monster plates BM213 and BM224 and I used Konad Black for the polish.


  1. So glad you joined the fun! That is super cute :)

  2. Looks great, orange and black look so good together

  3. What a bummer you guys don't really celebrate it there in Australia, but at least your nails looked fab!

    Lots of love, B
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