Tuesday, December 6, 2011

... Color Club - Diva Driver ...

Color Club - Diva Driver
Gifted from Jeanie

So ... who's missed me???

I seriously envy you girls who keep up nail blogs while working full time - I'm struggling at the moment to even read blogger nevermind make a post. Life is just extremely busy at the moment and days where I used to be able to have a few hours of "me" time have turned into having meetings, doing school events or Christmas shopping. School ends in a fortnight for summer holidays and I have discovered my next free weekend is in mid January - ugh.

Anyway enough ranting ... here is a beautiful colour that I picked out to wear on the weekend for a wedding [yes another wedding!! Tis the season]

This is Color Club Diva Driver and it's a beautiful pinky purple that seems to change which one it is more like depending on the sunlight. It's a very vibrant and bright colour with high gloss without a topcoat.  I've only used 2 coats and it applied perfectly with no lumps or bumps and it dried quickly.
I decided to glam it up with some stamping from Konad plate m82 using Face of Australia Molten Metallics in White Gold [one day i'll get the hang of these flower stamps and make sure they all face the same direction!!]
*Final Verdict*
An extremely easy to use polish that is bright and happy. In hindsight I probably should have stamped in white instead of white gold but the effect still looks fantastic and what I wanted.

Hopefully I'll be back posting regularly again soon - I'm in a bit of Christmas mood now that wedding season has finished and I'll need to have my nails reflecting that!!


  1. That is such a bright happy pink - perfect for a wedding!

    I have missed your posts ;-)

  2. Love this mani. Super pretty. I totally know what you mean with the kids, full time work, blogging and life. There is just so much to do! I wonder what I used to do with myself before I had kids and played with polish!

  3. Oooh this looks awesome :D I think the white gold looks great!


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