Tuesday, December 13, 2011

... Butter London - Yummy Mummy ...

Butter London - Yummy Mummy
Free with Madison Magazine - $AUD 8.95
Firstly ... I has a sad ...
I ripped my middle nail off last week - ouch. Annoying right below the nail line - but this now means that I filing them all down have finally got rid of that pesky orange stain that I've been growing out for months! Hoorah!

So this is the 2nd of the Butter London polishes available with this months Madison magazine called Yummy Mummy. 

Yummy Mummy is a beautiful fawn/beige/netural colour and there is definitely a silver shimmer going on in the bottle [I'm not sure if you can notice the silver streak on the bottle in these shots on the left hand side]. Honestly this colour really isn't what springs to mind when I think "Yummy Mummy"  as I associate the term with more vibrant colours but I've read that this polish seems to suit every skin colour - interesting theory.

This is 3 coats which like Trout Pout was extremely easy to apply which no lumps and quick drying time! Awesome. Being close to your skin colour it was however hard to see how much more to apply but hey - that's the point with natural nails.
** Final Verdict **A beautiful polish. Very easy to wear and definitely easy on the eye. The extreme subtle shimmer makes it stand out from being just another nude varnish.

Also I was lazy when I wore this and went through a phase of not redoing my mani and 3 days later here is the result.
Some slight tip wear but that's about it. Also when it did finally chip it was only noticeable on the white tips - you couldn't notice unless close up on the actual nail. So for those reading who don't like changing their polish often this might be worth a look.


  1. I've been wanting to try the brand butter London for awhile now. Thanks for sharing this color! :)

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  2. you can also add flakies on top *cough* Nubar 2010 *cough* after the second day or so, looks amazing, this is my go to nude, gotta love BL

  3. I have no Butter London and this looks beautiful. Might be my first.

  4. @Kitties 26 .... for $8.95 and a magazine to browse through aswell it's well worth hunting for it! Beats the hell out of online prices for BLs


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