Friday, December 23, 2011

... Essie - Aruba Blue ...

Essie - Aruba Blue
Gifted by Stephanie <--- check out her blog!
I can't believe I've actually had to sit and force myself to do this post. Stupid time - I've had zero time lately to commit to Blogger. I'm so far behind in blogs and I've been debating putting an RSS app on my phone but that's still not going to help me find time to read or comment. Ugh.

Anyway have this gorgeous blue to take your mind off all that. And I mean gorgeous. It's bright and shimmery and vibrant. Something about this reminds me of the deep blue that you get at the beach beyond the waves. Even without that it's a fantastic colour.

This is 3 coats of Aruba Blue but I could have gotten away with 2. Application was flawless and as I was super slack and didn't change my mani it was still spotless 4 days later when I eventually got around to removing it - fantastic for those who don't like to change their polish daily.

For the Aussies - Essies are available from Myer or Hairhouse Warehouse but if you want to save cash then I'd shop around online.
Oh and as it's Christmas I went for some stamping. I know it's summer in Australia and we don't get snow at Christmas etc etc but I went for the standard snowflake anyway. 

The stamping is from plate BM14 and the polish is Essence Multi Dimension XXXL Fall for me
** Final Verdict **
Long lasting, easy to apply and a gorgeous colour. What more do you want?


  1. I have this Essie and just love! I am wearing that snowflake stamp right now!!

  2. I love that shade!! It is sooo gorgeous.


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