Tuesday, December 27, 2011

... No Nails today - just what I got from Santa ...

Must have been a good girl this year! Santa brought me this beauty - Make Up Store "Britta" [or just "Britt" according to their website ... mmm ... someone must have made a boo-boo]
As always the sun has disappeared because I want to wear a holographic polish - but I promise I'll photo this one sooner rather than later as it really does look pretty and I hope that it comes out as fantastic as it does on photos I've seen on Google.

Make Up Store has recently appeared in my corner of the world and in a good and bad way it's right across the road from my husbands workplace. Good that I can go there easily now for a drool ... Bad cos of the prices. Their beautiful holo polishes will set you back $AUD 26 a piece :( Annoyingly I really want their Aqua Base so I'll have to get saving for next time a treat is in order.


  1. Nice colour choice! I've always held back on the Make Up Store nail polishes because of the price. Maybe next time they have their 20% off VIP evening...

  2. I wouldn't do it as a regular trip - it's just way too expensive. Shame as they do have some fantastic colours in their regular range ...

  3. Holy crapola, $26. How many ml is the bottle? Still, if I had easy access to a Make Up Store, I'd be in there buying every colour of holo! Can't wait to see the swatch!

  4. Love it!! It's going to so rock on you ;)

  5. Nice pressie from Santa - can't wait to see your swatch


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