Monday, November 18, 2013

... Aussie Nails Monday - Aussie Indies Part III ...

Happy Aussie Nails Monday! The best thing about Mondays if you ask me!

Today, you will need your drool bucket! Trust me!  This beauty is from the ever so awesome Emma over at Love Thy Polish. It's Marine Dream ... mmm dreamy!

First thing you'll notice is OMG THE HOLO!!! The above photo was taken in natural sunlight and WOW! That's one bright holo!

Inside during the day, it still shows a sight holo so if direct sunlight isn't an option, never fear!! You can still admire the pretty holo.

All of these swatches are 3 coats and like all the other Love The Polishes I own, there is no lumps, bumps or unwanted surprises. It's also fast drying for those who are super impatient like me! WIN!

International girls, if you are wanting this - head to MeiMei Signatures or Harlow and Co to get your hands on this pretty! You won't regret it!!

Now for a long time I've wanted to showcase my "Wheel of Holo" some more which is my collection of holographic swatch sticks.  The closest polish I could find to Marine Dream is China Glaze DV8 and while they are different in colour and holo strength, having Marine Dream in your collection might be able to tide you over if you are desperately lusting over DV8.

(shade shot!)

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