Friday, November 1, 2013

... Things I love - November 2013 ...

I've been wanting to do this for awhile ...and by awhile I mean 12+ months! *sighs* Now that I've finished studying I really want to get some series going again so here goes!

I know I'm not the only one who loves recommendations and honestly, unless we really chat on FB or you follow me on Instagram (hint hint) you have no idea on what I'm currently loving! Let's rectify that!!

A few months back I brought some items from Help Me Ronda over on Etsy. A lot of the Aussie ladies were raving about Ronda's cuticle treatments so I caved and brought 2 - Pina Colada and Green Appletini. I was not disappointed at all!

Mmmmm Pina Colada!

I love that they get absorbed quickly into my skin and that they don't feel like I've just dumped my hands into a vat of oil. Zero greasy after taste here!

I also give it a double thumbs up for the smell! They are not overpowering yet and they actually match the smell you are expecting it to be (unlike some of the store brands I've picked up in the past!)

Now I go through a lot of cuticle balms, mainly as I'm a bit of a klutz and either lose them, misplace them or leave them in clothing and they die a water death in the washing machine.  Oh how many souls have gone that way. Needless to say, I accidentally left my Green Appletini in my jeans pocket recently and went through an agonising hour watching the front loader machine spin it around and around.

But it survived!! The screw lid is fantastic and not a single drop of water got into the mix. Sure the tin is slightly dented and the label is a bit worse for wear but it didn't peel off!!! Now I can tell you first hand that those Burts Bees tins do not fair aswell!! They turn out a gluggy mess!

I couldn't resist getting some of the bath salts aswell. I'm a sucker for bath things even though I often come out in slight eczema or itchiness a lot of the time. These are great! The untense sports blend is great for tired muscles and I find I'm using a lot after a hard day on my feet. 

The pamper me ones are TO DIE FOR!! They feel great plus they leave a great scent behind! I live in a household of males and this definitely makes the bathroom feel nice and fresh! Be gone eau de man!

You can find these pretties on Facebook or on Etsy

Hopefully there will be another loving post at the beginning of next month!! Woohoo!! I love a good series! Also, while I'm here, I'm slowly adding more names to my blogroll again now that I'm actually in a position to read more often! If you wanna be added let me know! xxxx

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