Monday, November 4, 2013

... Aussie Nails Monday - Aussie Indies ...

Hurrah! It's Aussie Nail Monday! Today the theme is blue or green Aussie Indies which fits right into my month.

Today I'm wearing Ahhhh ... Aliens!!! by Glam Polish which I've had to layer over Ulta3 Lily White to show it's awesomeness.

Now Ahhh ... Aliens!! is from the June "What's in-die box" which I'm hoping to finally get to wear over the next few days. I know June was ages ago but I'm so far behind on wearing untrieds it's not funny!  Anyway "What's In-die Box?" is a mystery box of Aussie indies that comes out monthly and the June theme was "Toy Story".

If you like getting a surprise in the mail then it's well worth saving up for. I'd love to say I can buy every month but my wallet would be crying it's little heart out more than normal.

Incase you have been living under a rock, the aliens from Toy Story look like this ...
A stranger from the outside ... OOOOOOOOOOOOH

So Ahhhh ... Aliens!! is a blue jelly full of green hexs along with flecks of purple and white. It is seriously gorgeous and I like it heaps. It pretty much goes smooth (a gel top coat will take care of any pesky strays). If you are like me, then you aren't a fan of layered glitters but I must say this works great over the white. Looks exactly like the bottle!

The sad news is that I believe this was super limited to the indie boxes. My bottle is labelled that there were only 45 made so if you desperately want this one, you'll have to stalk Aussie blog sales and hope for the best!

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