Monday, December 2, 2013

... Aussie Nail Monday - Christmas Trees ...

Hello and welcome to Aussie Nails Monday!! Todays theme is Christmas Trees and I'm so pleased with how todays nails turned out! Hurrah!!

These were so simple to do and I'm definitely going to have to do something again in the future like it.  I've used Glitter Gal Teal Green as the base which was sitting in my untried pile for WAY too long! Sadly Glitter Gal has fallen off my radar in the past year but I'll have to rectify that in the new year!

Check out that holo!! *drools* As like every Glitter Gal polish I own the application is flawless and it's fast drying! Bonus! Now to make your Christmas Tree design, make sure you've top coated and wait until it's dry.  Then grab some sticky tape and make a triangle shape to make your tree.

YAY! I've used some non clear tape for you to easily see what to do. Oh, ok! I really used it cos it's super cute!  Once you've positioned your tape, get stamping!!! I've used the FUN12 stamping plate which has some beautiful vertical lines and teamed it with Konad White stamping polish.

Oddly, the tree is white until you top coat it and then it turns a pale green. I'm totally unsure why it's done this as the green polish is 1000% dry and the top coat isn't contaminated. I kept it with the top coat as I preferred the look of the tinted white as it didn't look so bold but each to their own!  The decoration dots are Glitter Gal Type O.

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