Friday, December 6, 2013

... Epic Nails Nail Transfer Foils ...

Quick break from the Christmas Nails today but I'll be back tomorrow with another! Be warned, this is a long post but it's pretty awesome so hang around and learn with me!!

I was contacted recently by the lovely people at Epic Nail to see if I'd be interested in reviewing some nail transfer foils. I was extremely intrigued by the Epic Nail website which states their foils work on Shellac / Gel Polish by using the sticky residue.

I won't lie. I have struggled with transfer foils in the past but no longer! I've ruined a few manis by not transferring them properly and also with having top coats ruin the finish but I'm so glad that I learnt about using gel polishes to help. So let me show you!

Firstly the pack I received was the Essential Kit and it contains everything you need!  Foils, Glue, Cuticle Sticks, Instructions and Information.

There were 6 foils included and even if you are like me and not a foil pro, you'll find you'll get many manicures from them as rolled out, there is a metre on each roll! Plenty of room for practicing! The colours I received are All Laced Up, Winter Is Coming, I Heart You, Nautical, Pipe Dream and In The Jungle.

As I mentioned above, I was extremely intrigued by the fact you can use this in Gel Polish manicures and in the past I've had trouble with top coats dulling the final result so all the fantastic foil designs below were created using Shellac and OPI GelColour gel polishes and top coats

All the following were created by doing some preparation for gel polish, a base coat and a coat or 2 of gel polish and then using the sticky residue I've transferred these designs! Then a top coat to seal the deal!

All  Laced Up

Winter is Coming

I Heart You

Pipe Dream

In The Jungle

Like stamping, transfer foils take practice so keep at it! I think you can see with these swatches, which were my first! Once I got the hang of it, it was super easy and fast!!  I definitely found using Shellac helpful as I didn't wreck my whole mani if I made a mistake. Sure you lose your sticky residue when wiping off but you can use the glue and then top coat without losing your underneath colour! Winning!

If you want to give these foils a try, there is free standard shipping on orders over $30 if you use the code BLOGSHATTER on checkout! I know I'll be checking out more colours!

Foils were provided for review but all opinions, Aussie humour and dodgy photography are my own!


  1. I like the rainbow coloured ones!!!

    1. @Honeyjr - Me too! It's like a multi multi multi chrome :D All the colours!


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