Wednesday, February 26, 2014

... Celestial Cosmetics - Moonlight Glow ...

I'm so happy on how these nails worked out!! YAY! I was recently given a chance to get my hands on this gorgeous polish which is Moonlight Glow by Celestial Cosmetics which is a fantastic pink holo *drools*

Now it's no secret that I love pink but I also love Mario and I thought this pink would be fantastic for a Princess Peach mani! Like many children of the 80s I spent many many hours playing Mario games and even today that's not changed too much as I've been playing a bit of Paper Mario Sticker Star on 3DS.

I've reversed stamped her from the FUN3 plate from Fab Ur Nails and the nude colour is Pink Ribbon by Butter London which I thought turned out fantastic! I have struggled with skin colours in the past as everything is either too brown or too orange but. Ah! So much love!

It's been a long time since I loved a mani so much and this will be a struggle to take off! I love the pink, I love the stamping and I love how the total combo works. 

And I'll leave you with something I've often wondered. I mean Bowser is pretty cool and all and have you ever wondered where Bowser Junior came from?? Hmmmmm


  1. Well done on the Princess Peach stamping, it's adorable!

  2. That polish is gorgeous but Princess Peach steals the show! I love this so much!! I need that plate...


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